Winter Maintenance Tips For Your Hybrid Vehicle

How is your vehicle holding up in these harsh winter conditions? It??s cold and wet here in the Pacific Northwest. And we still have several more months of these kinds of conditions. We??ve been spending a lot of time talking about being safe on the roads during the winter. From snow tires to wiper blades and batteries, you have to be prepared. And you have to take care of your vehicle.

Many people here in the Vancouver-Portland area drive hybrid or electric vehicles. The environment is a big concern in this area, so these types of cars are popular here. But they do sometimes need special attention to keep them running smoothly. So with that in mind, here are some important winter maintenance tips for your hybrid vehicle.

Eco-Friendly Car Care Tips for Winter

The most important thing to remember is that the cold weather is hard on your hybrid or EV battery. So you have to focus on taking special care of it. Cold temperatures will drain your battery life. So anything you can do to keep your car out of the elements is a good idea.

Park Inside ?? a lot of people use their garages to store things. But maybe you should clean out the garage and make room for your hybrid vehicle, instead. This will be much easier on the battery and it will start much easier in the morning. The vehicle cabin will be much warmer, too. And you won??t have to worry about scraping any ice.

Plug it In ?? if you have an electric vehicle or a plug-in hybrid, keep it plugged in whenever possible. This helps the battery maintain peak power and performance when the temperature drops. This will also give you a full charge to start your day, meaning you won??t have to worry about getting stuck somewhere.

Hybrid Battery Condition ?? this service helps keep your battery running at optimal performance. It also helps preserve and extend the overall life of your battery. This is a good idea for anyone with a hybrid or EV, especially during the winter.

Regular Maintenance ?? caring for your hybrid battery in the winter shouldn??t really start when the cold hits. You should actually take care of your battery throughout the entire year. By getting regular service and maintenance done on your vehicle??s battery, you can stay on top of repairs. And this keeps your EV or hybrid vehicle running smoothly year-round.

Entire Vehicle Maintenance ?? lastly, make sure you don??t overlook the rest of your vehicle. Even though your car uses a battery, the rest of the vehicle is still a car. And it needs all of the usual maintenance and care that any car needs. So be sure to stay on top of all the services and repairs of the entire vehicle.

Certified Hybrid Auto Repair in Vancouver

Staying safe during the winter take works. And not everyone has the time to take care of these things on his or her own. At Hoesly Eco Automotive, we understand auto maintenance and repair. And we understand hybrid vehicles. We have numerous years of experience servicing hybrid and electric vehicles.

We know the special care and maintenance they require. Our ASE certified technicians know how to keep your hybrid or EV on running right and on the road.

If your hybrid isn??t ready for the Vancouver WA winter, then contact us at Hoesly today. We help you get your hybrid or EV ready for all types of winter weather conditions. Just call us or click here to set up an appointment online.

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Written by Hosely Automotive