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Clark County Green Business

In 2013 we became a Clark County green business.

From offering lead-free wheel weights to distributing re-refined oil, we do our best to be friendly to our environment and to reduce waste. We have also installed a solar penal which provides up to 25% of electricity for our shop.

We Care About Your Economy and Your Ecology

At Hoesly Automotive, being "green" is about more than just paying lip service to environmentally friendly policies. For years we have been a leader in developing methods to save money, reduce waste, support local suppliers, and lower our environmental impact.

Protecting Your Wallet and the Environment

We put "eco" in our name because we believe that "green" business is both good for the environment, and good for your wallet. We really used lead free wheel weights long before other shops in Washington to get the lead dust out of the air. When lead wheel weights would fall off and the cars on the highways ran over the lead weights they eventually turned into lead dust that would blow into the air and we humans would breathe in the dust. That includes recycling materials such as tires, motor oil, paper, aluminum cans, coolants, and cardboard, and purchasing wind energy from local suppliers. The end result is a team of technicians dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of our business, and saving our customers money in the process.

Re-Refining Motor Oil, Redefining the Auto Repair Business

You know it's important to change your oil at regular intervals (as recommended by your vehicle manufacturer), but the impact of discarding all that oil into the waste stream can be hard on the environment. Since re-refined oil can be recycled and used indefinitely, it eliminates air pollution from oil incineration and potential water pollution from improperly discarded oil, and reduces our dependency on foreign oil. We only use the highest quality re-refined motor oil that is processed to remove impurities and add back lubricating additives that were depleted. Re-refined oil meets all applicable regulations from the American Petroleum Institute (API), is deemed equivalent to performance standards of "virgin" oil, and is endorsed by Chrysler, General Motors, Volvo, and Mercedes-Benz.