Why Is My Car Vibrating When I Brake

If you drive long enough, you will begin to develop an almost natural instinct when it comes to how the car should feel. You will be able to tell when something just does not feel right. When it comes to your brake, your senses are particularly aware because, without your brakes, you are in a trouble. If you notice that your vehicle starts to shudder when you apply the brakes, for example, you will want to know why this is happening.

When Does it Happen?

You will often notice your brakes shuddering when you are gripping the steering wheel. As you apply the brakes, there will be a mild to violent shaking of the steering wheel that will give you cause for alarm. When you feel the shudder through the steering wheel, that is usually an indication that there is a problem with the front rotor in your car. Alternatively, you can also feel the shudder in the brake pedal itself. If that happens to you, then you may have a problem with the rear rotor.

Check the Condition of Your Brake Pads

If you notice that your brakes are shuddering, you should check the condition of the brake pads themselves. They may be worn out or warped. If this is the case, they will begin to shudder or squark. This is an indication that they need to be replaced. That will typically solve the problem. They may also simply be dirty or have residue on them. In that case, a good cleaning may do the trick.

Check the Alignment

Brake shuddering could also be an indication that your vehicle is out of alignment. When this occurs, the brakes may begin to shudder because the pedal itself will experience difficulty when engaging. You also want to have the components around your brakes checked to make sure that they are not damaged or otherwise worn out.


You will want to have your brakes checked out by a service professional at the very first sign that something is wrong. If you are in need of brake repair or installation, feel free to contact Hoesly Automotive today.

Written by Hosely Automotive