Why Does My Car Smell Like Gas

Have you ever wondered why your car smells like gas? It happens even though youre not filling your cars tank, or when youre nowhere near a gas station. But somehow you keep getting a whiff of gas. Its unmistakable. But why is it happening? Whats causing that smell and what can you do to stop it?

Most Common Reasons Your Car Smells Like Gas

Before you can fix the problem, the first thing you have to do is identify the cause. There are several possible reasons your car smells like gas. And no matter the cause, you should get the problem diagnosed and fixed as soon as you can. So here are some of the most common reasons your car smells like gas.

Gas exposure this is often the most obvious reason your car smells like gas. Sometimes gas fumes get into your vehicle from gas station pumps, or other vehicles. This is also the easiest cause to fix. Simply try rolling down your window. The air should quickly clear. If the smell persists for a longer period, then you might have other problems.

Gas cap this is one car part that people often overlook. But its important that your gas cap is properly shut and in place. It also needs to be a good condition with no cracks or leaks. If your gas cap is not functioning properly then gas fumes will escape and you will smell them. Some newer cars let you know when your gas cap isnt properly shut.

Gas leaks another common cause of gassy smells in your car is leaks. Gas leaks can come from several sources, including the injector, the fuel tank, the fuel line, or the fuel injection line. A sure sign you have a gas leak is a dark puddle under your vehicle. If you notice a gas puddle anywhere under your vehicle, then get your car checked for gas leaks.

Broken canister your canister collects charcoal, as well as excess vapor leaving the fuel tank. If the canister is cracked or it leaks through its seal, you likely get a strong fume of gas in your vehicle.

Bad fuel pressure if your vehicle has as issue with fuel pressure it could lead to a smell of gas. One of the causes is a bad pressure regulator. When the pressure regulator goes bad your engine can burn fuel until the mixture gets too thin or too rich. When you vehicle burns more fuel that can cause gas fumes to sit inside the exhaust. The fumes can also enter the ventilation system, causing a gassy smell inside your car.

Older vehicle if you drive an older vehicle then the chances are greater that you will sense a smell of gas. For example, cars made in the 80s or earlier are more likely to release a gas smell right after they shut off. This is very normal and you shouldnt worry about it when it happens right after you turn off your vehicle. If you notice the smell still there after several hours being idled, then there could be a greater issue.

Hoesly Will Get Rid of that Gas Smell for Good

Cars can make a lot of smells. But unless its a new car smell, they usually arent very pleasant. If youve noticed that your car, truck, crossover, or SUV has smelled like gas, or any other unpleasant smell, lately, then come see us today. Well sniff out the problem and get you back on the road. Dont keep driving with that horrible smell. Let our ASE certified mechanics get the job done right the first time. Trust Hoesly Eco Automotive with all of your auto repair needs, big and small. Come see us in downtown Vancouver today. Just call us or click here to set up an appointment online.

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