What Is The 30 60 90 Maintenance Plan

Have you ever heard the term 30-60-90 maintenance schedule? What about the factory schedule maintenance plan? These terms are basically the same thing. And they both refer to the auto maintenance schedule that car manufacturers recommend for your vehicle. The reason the schedule includes these three numbers is simple. Most car manufacturers recommend this service every 30,000 miles. So now that you know what the 30-60-90-maintenance plan is, you might wonder how important it is.

Dont Skip Your 30-60-90 Maintenance

Some drivers dont give this scheduled maintenance plan much thought. In fact, some drivers ignore it altogether. But this factory scheduled maintenance plan is actually very important. Its not just a suggestion. Its also not an attempt by the dealership where you bought your car to trick you out of more money. There are actually two very good reasons to follow this plan closely.

1. First, sticking to this scheduled maintenance plan helps extend the life of your car. By taking care of scheduled maintenance and repairs you often avoid much larger, more expensive repairs. That means your car keeps running smoothly for longer, and you spend less money overall to take care of it.

2. Second, sticking to this maintenance plan is actually a requirement in order to maintain your warranty. In other words, if you want the dealership to honor your vehicles warranty you have to follow the factory scheduled maintenance plan.

Whats Included in this Maintenance?

So what exactly does this maintenance include? Typically, the technician will give your vehicle a very detailed inspection, looking for any signs of trouble or parts that need to be replaced. The maintenance also generally includes several services, including changing the oil, replacing filters and spark plugs, rotating the tires, checking all the fluids and replacing them or topping them off, and inspecting your hoses and belts for wear. If the tech finds any problems then youll be notified of the necessary repairs. As your car gets older, its more likely it will need additional repairs and service.

Who Should Do the Maintenance?

Of course, you could take your vehicle to the dealership where you purchased it. But that almost always costs more money than taking it to an independent dealer. So if you dont want to spend a lot of money every time you get the 30-60-90 maintenance service done, then bring your vehicle into Hoesly Eco Automotive instead of the dealer.

But wont that void the warranty? Some dealerships want you to believe that. They might even tell you that you have to take your vehicle to them if you want them to honor the warranty. But thats not true. The warranty comes from the manufacturer and not the dealer. So as long as you honor the factory scheduled maintenance plan your warranty will still be valid. But be sure to take your vehicle to an ASE Certified auto repair shop, like Hoesly, so you know their doing this maintenance right.

Trust Hoesly for Your Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Getting your factory-scheduled maintenance done on time is always a smart idea. It might seem like a hassle, but its always better to follow the manufacturers recommendations. This will help keep your vehicle operating correctly, meaning you can safely get where you need to be. At Hoesly Eco Automotive, we offer trusted auto repair and maintenance. So come visit our auto repair shop in Vancouver for honest, expert auto care without the hassle. Well fix your vehicle and get you back on the road. Call us today at 360-695-5871, or click here to schedule your appointment online for trusted Vancouver auto repair specialists.

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