Top Signs Your Cooling System Is In Trouble

Top Signs Your Cooling System Is in Trouble

Is your car ready for the summer heat? Its still June, but the sun is just starting to make its presence strongly felt here in the Vancouver area. With July and August right around the corner, now is the perfect time to get your car ready for the rising temperatures with some Vancouver Auto repair. So what should you be looking for and what kinds of maintenance do you need?

Your Cooling System Keeps Your Engine Running

First off, any conversation about heat and vehicles starts with the cooling system. This system is extremely important for the health of your engine. It keeps your vehicles engine cool and running properly while you drive. If your engine overheats, it can lead to serious damage, including engine failure. Thats a repair that no one wants to go through. So, thats why its vital to keep your cooling system running efficiently.

Dont Wait to Get it Checked Out

For most vehicles, the cooling system consists of a radiator, a water pump, a thermostat and a fan. These vary by vehicle, but essentially they are designed to do the same thing: keep your engine cool. So if you notice that your cooling system seems to be out of whack then dont wait to get into Hoesly Automotive and get it checked out. So what are the signs you should look be looking for? There are several things to keep an eye on. These are the most common.

  • Temperature Gauge the first sign of trouble is usually in a rising temperature gauge. For the most part, people never even pay attention to this gauge. Were either too busy looking at our speedometer or our fuel gauge. But the temperature gauge is right there in front of us on the dashboard, as well. So its important to keep an eye on this gauge, too. If you notice the needle raising then its a sign your vehicles engine is getting too hot. Your cooling system has a problem.
  • Leaky or Low Coolant if you notice a coolant leak under the hood or a puddle of coolant on the ground under your car, this is a sure sign there is something wrong. You should get your vehicle checked to find the leak and get it fixed. You should also check to make sure your coolant isnt low. You might not have a leak but it could be burning somewhere. That means you your cooling system is malfunctioning.
  • Steam Under the Hood another obvious sign of cooling system problems is steam coming from under the hood. If you ever notice this happening, pull over right away. This is a clear indication that your coolant is boiling and not doing its job. You will need to let your engine cool down and you will likely have to add more coolant, or at least some water. Once you get back on the road, you should get your vehicle checked out as soon as you can because your radiator or another part of your cooling system probably needs service.
  • Exhaust Smoke your vehicle can smoke from the exhaust for several reasons. However, one of the most common causes is a problem with the cooling system. When you see white smoke coming from your exhaust its a sign that liquid is being burnt in the combustion chamber. It could also be a sign of more problems to come. So get it checked it out right away.

Trust Hoesly With Your Cooling System Repairs

If you think your cooling system is having any issues then be sure to get your vehicle checked out right away. You dont need a blown head gasket, or even worse a blown engine. These are major repairs that can cost thousands. So contact Hoesly Automotive today and make sure your cooling system is ready for the summer heat. Click here to schedule an appointment online or just call us today.

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Written by Hosely Automotive