The Benefits Of Fleet Service Repair With Hoesly Automotive

Its a big job keeping your fleet in peak operating condition. Its no easy task. However, you can make your fleet maintenance, and your life, much easier by outsourcing your fleet service to an experienced auto repair shop in Vancouver WA. This can reduce your headaches and your risks, increase your long-term overall savings, and limit your vehicles downtime. Lets take a closer look.

Top Benefits of Outsourcing Your Fleet Maintenance

Reduce Your Downtime

One of the best ways to reduce downtime is by scheduling regular preventative services. This helps you avoid major repairs and long service gaps. Well help you set up a schedule that fits your needs. We also offer convenient pick up and delivery options for our fleet service customers, which means fewer interruptions for you. If your fleet is located in a remote area, our team will come to you, which eliminates expensive drive time and downtime.

Increase Buying Power and Reduce Costs

Another benefit of outsourcing your fleet maintenance is the ability to buy parts more efficiently. We can purchase parts in large volumes, which means well always have what you need when you need it. Because we work with the top dealers and vendors, those relationships allow us to pass the savings onto our customers.

Reduce Your Risks

Having your own garage and technicians can be convenient, but it can also increase the risk of accidents at your business location. Running your own auto repair shop or garage is not always the safest plan. However, by outsourcing your fleet maintenance to Hoesly Automotive, you save considerable time, manpower, and money. Plus, you reduce the risks to your employees.

Increase Flexibility

If youre like a lot of companies with fleet vehicles, then chances are you dont have a lot of extra vehicles. That means you dont have a lot of time for your vehicles to be out of service. Thats why having as much flexibility as possible is so important in reducing your vehicle downtime. At Hoesly, we offer multiple options to give you more flexibility. Whatever your needs are, we work with you to provide the best solutions for your fleet.

Experienced ASE Certified Technicians

The cost of parts and labor is always important with any fleet service, but they arent the only factors that matter. You also have to consider who will be working on your vehicles. The technicians doing the repairs must be productive, efficient, and competent. Our technicians do the work fast and they do the work right.

At Hoesly, our experienced, professional technicians are ASE certified so you can always be confident theyll do the job correctly. Keeping your fleet in top condition isnt easy, but with our help your life will be a lot less stressful. We reduce your downtime, limit the risks, buy the right parts, and provide lots of flexibility so you can focus on your other responsibilities.

Let Hoesly Take Care of Your Fleet Service in Vancouver WA

You rely on your fleet vehicles for so much. Thats why you need a reliable, dependable auto repair shop for your fleet service repairs. There are several advantages to taking all of your vehicles to the same shop. Thats why when you find a shop you can trust you keep going back.

At Hoesly, we offer so many advantages. We work on all types of fleet vehicles from all kinds of industries. We provide loaner cars at no cost, and if you need us to pick up your vehicle from your relocation, we do that, too. We get it repaired and then drop it off back to you. We also provide extremely quick turnaround times because we know how important it is to have your vehicles on the road.

So, if you need any kind of auto repair for your fleet vehicles, you can trust them to our ASE certified technicians and our team of experienced auto repair experts. Just give us a call or click here to set up an appointment online, if you need any auto repair in Vancouver WA.

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Written by Hosely Automotive