Should I Take My Car To The Dealership Or An Independent Shop

Are you looking for the best place to take your vehicle for auto repair in Vancouver WA? You have a ton of options. But not all auto repair shops are the same. One of the most common questions car owners have is where should they take their car for repairs? And which is better, the dealership or an independent repair shop? This is a very important question. And your decision will go a long way in determining your auto repair satisfaction. So let??s look at the different pros and cons of both of these options.


Pros ?? when you take your car to a dealership in theory you??re getting expert service on your brand of vehicle. The dealership mechanics have specialized training about your vehicle so they understand how to service them. Dealerships also have large shops with numerous service bays, which mean they can often get your vehicle serviced faster. You can also purchase extended warranties with your manufacturer through the dealership. Your manufacturer??s warranty will also cover many of your costs at the dealership. And the waiting room amenities are usually pretty nice.

Cons ?? the biggest con about taking your vehicle to a dealership is price. Dealerships are notorious for charging more for vehicle repairs and maintenance. Many times dealerships try to upsell you on other services, or suggest services that you might not need yet. In addition, when you go to a dealer, you often never meet the technician that will work on your vehicle. Instead you meet with a service advisor. Some car owners want to know exactly who will be working on their car.

Independent Shop

Pros ?? one thing many car owners like about independent shops is the ability to meet personally with the mechanic. This helps them get a feel for the tech and how they will treat their vehicle. Many independent shops employ mechanics that previously worked for dealerships. So they??re often ASE Certified mechanics. Independent shops are also service a wide range of vehicles. That means it doesn??t really matter which make you drive, the techs will know how to work on it. Several independent shops offer third-party warranties, as well. The best advantage of independent shops is the price. Independents are almost always easier on the wallet than dealerships.

Cons ?? one of the biggest downsides of independent shops is their size. Most shops don??t have as many bays as dealerships. That means it can be harder to get on the schedule and the repairs might take longer. Some independent shops don??t have access to the same quality of parts that dealers have. Dealers always have factory made parts. One other thing that independent shops usually lack in compared to dealerships is amenities, like comfortable seating, snacks, coffee, and a clean waiting room.

The Best Dealership Alternative in Vancouver WA

You have so many choices for auto repair in Vancouver and southwest Washington. And yes, you could always take your vehicle to a dealership mechanic. But if you want great customer service, more affordable pricing, and a better overall auto repair experience, then independent auto repair shops are the way to go. At Hoesly, Eco Automotive, we treat you right. We take care of your vehicle and we take car of you. And you can always trust our ASE Certified mechanics to get the job done right. If you??re ready for the best dealership alternative in all of Vancouver, then come see us at Hoesly Eco Automotive. We cover all of your vehicle repairs and maintenance. Just call us or click here to set up an appointment online.

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