Should I Invest In Winter Tires

If you've wondered about winter tires, you're not alone. Driving in the snow can be super tricky, and oftentimes winter tires or chains are required to drive in areas that are heavily snowed in. As we move into fall and approach the winter months, you may be asking yourself if winter tires are a good investment. Let's look at some of the pros of winter tires and why many vehicle owners in Vancouver, WA have them.

First, what exactly are winter or snow tires, and how are they different from regular tires? Winter tires are designed with special rubber compounds and larger tread to be able to make traction with the road even in very snowy conditions. In these same conditions, your standard tires just wouldn't be able to make the proper connection with the road, which can lead to scary hydroplaning situations.

Winter tires are designed to give you the ability to steer, brake, and control your vehicle accurately and safely even in very snowy weather, which is definitely something that is beneficial when we get to the deep winter months here in Washington. We understand, however, that winter tires can be expensive, and since they are only used a couple of months out of the year, it can be a big purchasing decision to make. So, are they worth it?

If you do buy winter tires, they aren't meant to stay on your vehicle all year round. They are specifically for only during the winter, and afterward, you will switch back to your standard tires. This is because they are too expensive to use and wear down all year round when you really don't need them outside of snowy weather. With that being said, winter tires can actually last up to 4 winter seasons if taken care of properly, or 4 years. That can definitely help you decide whether the investment is worth it - you'll definitely get your monies worth in that sense.

Studded tires are a type of winter tires that includes metal studs mounted into the tire, which can help with traction just like chains do. However, they aren't the most comfortable option and are really only used for very snowy conditions. General winter tires, however, can be used even on wet or icy roads, which can be great because you don't have to worry about changing your tires throughout the entire winter.

So, when it comes to winter tires, we definitely recommend them here at Hoesly Automotive. Your safety is a priority, and winter tires will ensure that your vehicle has the best control during the snowy months. Don't wait until its too late - bring your vehicle into our shop if you need assistance choosing winter tires or want to schedule an appointment to have them installed before the first snow fall!

Written by Hosely Automotive