Make Sure You Have These Things In Your Vehicle For Winter

Make Sure You Have These Things in Your Vehicle for Winter

The winter driving season is upon us. Although winter doesnt officially begin for a few more weeks, here in the Pacific Northwest the winterlike driving season starts a little earlier. Traveling in the winter means wet and slick roads, dark skies, and sometimes snow and ice.

Driving at this time of year can be miserable, but thats life in the greater Vancouver area during the fall and winter. That means we need to be extra careful and cautious to avoid the many dangerous driving conditions we face.

However, even the most careful drivers can get stuck in a bad situation for no fault of their own. Another driver might do something stupid, or unexpected weather conditions might catch you by surprise. Unfortunately, your car could also break down unexpectedly. The bottom line is you just never know what could happen, which is why its important to be prepared.

Dont Leave Home with These Things

With that in mind, there are always certain things you should carry with you in your vehicle during the winter, or any time you might be driving in less that pleasant conditions.

Food and Water if you ever get stranded somewhere, its a great idea to have water and unperishable food stored in your vehicle. These can literally save your life, especially if you like to venture off the beaten path.

Tools for Ice and Snow even though we dont get a ton of snow and ice in Vancouver, we do get our fair share. Thats why its always a good idea to have an ice scraper, a snow brush, and even a snow shovel, for one of those surprise huge storms we seem to get more often these days. Just store them in your truck and if you ever need them, youll be ready.

Winter Gear carrying winter clothing and other gear is also a smart move. Having a bigger coat, some warm gloves, and even a blanket or two will help keep you safe and warm if you ever find yourself stranded for a long period of time.

First Aid and Roadside Emergency Kit should you get stranded and need minor medical attention, a first aid kit could be very helpful. Additionally, having flares, a flashlight, and other roadside emergency items could be a lifesaver.

Need Help Getting Your Vehicle Ready for Winter?

Hopefully, you never find yourself in a dangerous situation out on the roads, but if you do, then keeping these tips in mind will help you be ready for it. Taking care of your vehicle and getting it ready for winter is also important. After all, you dont want to get stuck somewhere on the side of the road in bad weather.

Please contact Hoesly Automotive if your car, truck, crossover, hybrid, or SUV needs some work before we hit the frigid temperatures and rough conditions that are coming. Now would be a great time to get some preventative maintenance out of the way and make sure your car is ready to handle whatever winter throws at you.

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