Is Driving With A Cracked Windshield Safe

Its one of the most frustrating things that can happen to your vehicle. Youre driving along, doing your thing, and obeying all traffic rules. Then suddenly, without any warning, you hear a loud crack on your windshield. If youre lucky you escape with a minor chip that can be repaired. If youre not so lucky, you end up with a crack that continues to grow until it spans your entire windshield. Its a helpless feeling because you have no control over it. You did nothing wrong, yet your vehicle is now damaged.

Its Best to Get it Fixed

So what should you do if you have a cracked windshield? In many cases, the crack doesnt impair your vision. It might seem like no big deal to continue driving with a cracked windshield. After all, its just a crack, right? Well, in some cases, yes, youre probably OK if the crack is small. However, the fact is a cracked windshield could lead to more significant problems. Plus, your safety could be in jeopardy. Heres why its best to get your windshield repaired or replaced after it gets cracked.

Safety First

First and foremost you have to consider your safety. How safe are you driving with a cracked windshield? Your windshield is designed to protect you, from road debris and the elements. But even more importantly, your windshield is designed to help protect you in the event of a collision. Its the same principle as a helmet. A damaged helmet doesnt provide a sufficient level of protection. Its the same with your windshield. Your vehicle is more susceptible to being compromised, which means youre more susceptible to serious injury.

It Impairs Your Vision

Additionally, if the crack impairs your vision in any way, you shouldnt drive with a cracked windshield. Even the slightest impairment could lead to a mistake while driving, which could lead to a serious accident. Lastly, if your windshield is damaged it will likely continue to wear down faster and it could end up shattering. This would leave you very vulnerable and it could seriously injure you if the glass shatters while youre driving. So, while a small crack might not seem like much, its best to get it fixed or replaced as soon as you can.

Vehicle Damage

Even if you avoid any of the serious consequences of driving with a cracked windshield, your vehicle could also suffer damage. Moisture can get into your vehicle, as well as dust and other debris. If you end up driving in a bad storm, your windshield could also be compromised, as well as the interior of your car.

Contact Hoesly Automotive for Help

You could drive with a cracked windshield if you really wanted to. But is it really worth the risk? If you consider all the possibilities, it just makes sense to get your windshield fixed or replaced. Plus, in most cases, your insurance will cover the cost to replace it. Dont wait to get your windshield fixed if its cracked or chipped. Call Hoesly Automotive at 360-695-5871, or click here to make an appointment online. We service most makes and models and we make sure your vehicle is as safe as possible. For safe and reliable Vancouver Auto Repair, Hoesly Automotive is the name you can trust.

Written by Hosely Automotive