How To Give Thanks To Your Vehicle

It's officially November! And this month is all about reacquainting ourselves with our families as the holiday season commences. In the United States, we share the yearly tradition of a large turkey feast with our family to recognize our history and show our appreciation.

There are many things to be grateful for:

  • The family who love and support us.
  • The friends who care for us.
  • The pets who comfort us.
  • The colleagues, neighbors, mentors, and peers who respect us.
  • The beautiful earth that we live, breathe, walk, and drive on.
  • And for vehicle owners, what about your very own car?

Our vehicles have held up through all our ups and downs, strived to make it for miles on end, and avoided the hit of potholes, bumps, and 'almost accidents' for us. Your car deserves some return on kindness too. And often, we don't show it enough love. Here are some ways to express thankfulness towards your car, SUV, or truck:

  • Keep the interior of your car fresh - Studies have proven that it will make you feel less bothered and stressed whenever you have a neat vehicle to get into every day.
  • Wash the exterior - Even though it's colder out, it doesn't mean you can put off washing your car. Giving it a thorough clean will allow you to feel more positive, and it's also an excellent time to check for dents, scratches, and physical damage.
  • Follow your vehicle's maintenance schedule - Change your engine oil every 5,000 or so miles, check that tire pressure, rotate your tires, and replace your brake pads on time. All of these essential maintenance services are laid out in your owner's manual if you aren't sure. This schedule is crafted for two reasons: to keep you safe and your car running.

At Hoesly Automotive, we're always looking out for our customers and their car(s). Giving your vehicle recognition is super important, and that is why you should regularly service and inspect your vehicle. For all your auto needs, please do not hesitate to give our expert team a call at (360) 558-3747 or visit our shop in Vancouver, WA, today!

Written by Hosely Automotive