How Routine Maintenance Saves You Money

How Routine Maintenance Saves You Money - Vancouver Auto Repair

You hear it all the time from car dealers and auto repair shops: getting regular maintenance on your vehicle will save you money. Theres no question that routine maintenance will help keep your vehicle in the best condition. But does regular maintenance really save you money? Its a good question.

If you have to pay several hundred dollars each time you get routine maintenance done, wont that add up to the same amount for a major repair done all at once? It might seem that way at first, but the truth is, several routine maintenance jobs will never add up to the cost of several major repairs. One major repair might equal four or five routine maintenance services, but, what if more than one major component breaks down? That will easily cost more than routine maintenance.

Money Saving Maintenance

Plus, regular preventative maintenance helps you save money in other ways, as well. The most obvious reason to get regular service or maintenance is to save money by avoiding major repairs. When you keep your vehicle service up to date you keep your vehicle running at peak performance, and that usually means no major repairs. That always helps save you money in the long run. But here are some other ways routine maintenance saves your hard-earned money.

Helps Extend Vehicle Life obviously, when you regularly replace and repair old parts, your vehicle runs better. When your vehicle runs better, that helps protect other components, including your engine. These small repairs and replacements help your vehicle last longer, meaning you wont have to replace your vehicle. Cars are not getting cheaper. So, the more miles you can get out of your current vehicle, means you dont have to worry about the high cost of new car payment.

Helps Prevent Emergency Repairs another way routine maintenance helps you save money is by avoiding emergency, or unexpected repairs. Even if these repairs arent major, routine maintenance can prevent them completely, in some cases. When you bring your vehicle to Hoesly Automotive regularly, our technicians find small problems before they turn into big problems. This helps you avoid breakdowns and more extensive repairs, which cost more money.

Helps Improve your Fuel Economy this might not seem like that big of a deal, but considering the rising cost of gas, it pays to get as much out of your fuel economy as possible. When your vehicle is up to date, and everything is working correctly you will get better gas mileage. And depending on how much you drive and how often you fill your tank, this could save you a bunch of money every year.

Regular Maintenance Done Right with Hoesly Automotive

If youre like most people, then you dont want to spend a lot of money on car repairs. And thats exactly why getting regular preventative maintenance and service done on your vehicle is a smart move. Keeping your auto maintenance up to date helps you save money.

So, would you rather spend a little here and there, or spend a huge amount on a major repair? The answer is easy, so please contact us today at Hoesly Eco Automotive, in downtown Vancouver.

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