How Often Do Windshield Wipers Need To Be Replaced

Windshield wipers are among the components in a vehicle that are easily forgotten and unappreciated. Most of us don't remember to have them serviced until when they start scratching the windshield, or when they are no longer function properly. Despite being a simple component, they are essential car elements that help with visibility on the road in different weather conditions.

Why Are Windscreen Wipers Important?

Through a simple push of the button, wipers clean the windshield from snow, ice, and dirt, enhancing visibility on the road. They keep the windshield clear and unobstructed, creating a smooth driving experience.

Windshield wipers endure harsh temperatures from winter to the scorching desert sun. Sometimes they may operate for hours, and this condition may cause wear interfering with their functionality. They are made of thin and flexible rubber material, and the strain in their functioning may cause tears to the rubber, which requires immediate servicing.

How Often Should Windshield Wipers Be Replaced?

Most automotive experts recommend changing the windshield wipers every six to 12 months. However, it all depends on the recommendation of the car manufacture. Additionally, replacing the blades further depends on the daily driving conditions that impact the wipers' sustainability. Driving during winter overworks the wipers from the hard work in clearing the fog and the ice while on the road to maintain visibility. Driving in scorching and dusty places further makes the blades overwork, taking a toll on their condition.

Spotting the signs of deteriorating windshield wipers is easy. The tips and tricks can help you evaluate the best time to have them checked and avoid driving inconveniences. These signs include:

  • Squeaking or chattering sounds

  • Shredding of the rubber material on the blades

  • Metal corrosion

  • Broken frame or adapter where the wiper arm attaches to the blade

  • Skipping blades

These signs are proof that it is time to get your vehicle to a certified mechanic. Sometimes the mechanic might consider rubber refills on the blade arms to repair only the damaged parts. However, this repair should be done by ASE-certified experts to eliminate the possibility of bending blades after refill. The wipers are replaced with the quality that matches your vehicle's brand and the driving weather conditions. If you need a windshield wipers replacement, we invite you to bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop today.

Written by Hosely Automotive