Have You Checked Your Belts And Hoses Lately

You know about your engine, and your transmission. Your tires and brakes are no-brainers. What about your belts and hoses? How much attention do you give them? If youre like most car owners, then you probably dont give them much attention at all. But just like every other part, your belts and hoses play a key role in how well your vehicle runs. So what belts and hoses are the most important to pay attention to? And what kinds of things should you look for? Lets take a look.

Timing Belt this is perhaps the most important belt under the hood. And if it goes bad, you could be in for a lot of hurt. This ridged rubber belt is the part that actually helps turn the crankshaft and camshaft in your vehicle. Without it, your engine cant run properly. And if it brakes while youre driving, it could cause major damage to some of your engine parts. Most carmakers recommend replacing the timing belt every 60,000 miles to be safe. When you inspect your timing belt look for any tears. Also check to see if it feels loose or if it has slipped out of place. If so, then its likely time to get it replaced.

Serpentine Belt this is another very important belt. Your vehicle needs it to run properly. In fact, there are many other parts relying on this belt in order to function right. The serpentine belt is also called the drive belt. It provides power to the AC compressor, the cooling fan and the power steering pump. Because all these other parts are relying on it, you need to make sure its in good condition and working right. Just like your timing belt, you should check to see if its loose or has slipped, or if it has any tears. Sometimes belts make loud noises when theyre going bad, too, so that is another sign to listen for. If youve ever asked why does my car make that terrible sound, your serpentine belt could be the problem.

Radiator Hoses there are a lot of hoses under the hood, but the radiator or coolant hose is perhaps the most important. This hose pumps antifreeze/coolant from the radiator to the engine, and helps prevent overheating. Its not uncommon for a radiator hose to go bad. Theyre often subject to high pressure and very hot temperatures, so they can develop cracks, bulges and breaks. When that happens, the result is often a coolant leak. That can lead to overheating and a damaged engine. So if you notice any signs of wear in your radiator hose, then you should get it replaced as soon as possible.

Trust Your Belts and Hoesly to Hoesly Eco Automotive

Your vehicle has so many parts. It can be hard to keep track of them all. Sometimes, its easy to overlook certain parts because youre busy checking others. But the fact is all parts need proper attention, including your belts and hoses. These play a key a role in how well your vehicle functions. So you need to be sure theyre in good condition and working properly.

If youre not sure how to inspect your belts and hoses, or youre not sure what signs to look for, then come see us at Hoesly Eco Automotive to get them checked out. And if you see any signs of wear bring your car in for repairs. Just click here to set up an appointment online today, or call us today and well take care of you. We are your home for trusted auto repair and service in Vancouver WA.

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