Four Preventative Maintenance Tips To Preserve Your Engine

Whats the most important part of your vehicle? Your engine, right? Without an engine your car wont run. Thats true, but the reality is your vehicles parts are really one big team. Every part plays a key role in the effective operation of your car, truck or SUV. You could have the nicest wheels and tires in the world, but without a fuel pump your car isnt going to run.

Your engine could be in peak condition, but if you remove the spark plugs, its not going to start. So obviously, you need every part to work right in order to get the best performance possible. However, your engine does play the biggest role on your vehicles team. You might say its the quarterback of your car. And if it goes down, its the most expensive thing to repair or replace.

So getting the proper maintenance for your engine is extremely important. The best way to keep your engine in top shape is by performing regular preventative maintenance. Here are four simple tips that will help you keep your quarterback on the field for a long time to come.

Top Tips for Engine Maintenance

Regular Oil Changes how much easier can it get than getting regular oil changes? You can have this done every 3,000 miles, or follow your manufacturers guidelines and stick to their recommended schedule. Either way, never put off an oil change when your vehicle needs it. Keeping your oil clean and at the proper levels is vital for the life of your engine. Failing to get regular oil changes will likely result in engine breakdown and ultimately engine failure.

Spark Plug Service its also very important to prevent dirt and grime from getting into your combustion chamber. To do this, you should periodically check your spark plugs and make sure they are clean. If youre not sure how to do this, bring your vehicle into Hoesly and well take care of it. Well remove the plugs and clean everything around them to remove any build up. This is a minor service, but it has a big impact on the health and performance of your engine.

Keep it Clean a clean engine is a happy engine. So take the time to clean it as best and as often as you can. Remove any built up dust, debris, or grime from all engine parts. These things build up over time and when left on your engine they can cause problems. There are several things you can do yourself, but if you want a complete, professional engine cleaning, then come see us at Hoesly for help.

Keep it Lubricated this goes hand-in-hand with oil changes. Proper lubrication of your engine and all of its parts is vital if you want everything to run smoothly. So make sure you, or your mechanic, properly lubricate everything, including the crankshaft, cylinder walls, and piston rings.

Keep Your Engine in Top Shape With Help From Hoesly Automotive

Taking care of your engine is vital. Obviously, if your engine fails you dont have a car to drive. Repairing or replacing an engine is a major expense. So make sure you follow these simple tips to keep your engine in top shape for years to come.

At Hoesly Automotive, we know what it takes to prevent your engine from wearing down. Our ASE certified technicians have the right tools, knowledge and experience to keep your engine healthy. And whenever something does go wrong they find it and fix it. So please come see us for regular preventative maintenance to make sure your engine is running strong.

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