Does My Transmission Fluid Need To Be Flushed

When was the last time you had your transmission fluid flushed? The truth is you dont need to have this service done too often about every 30,000 miles generally. But when it is time, you should get it done. Your transmissions health and performance are directly affected by your transmission fluid.

If you want to continue to be able to shift gears smoothly then your transmission fluid has to be in good shape. If its too old or dirty, you will notice a difference when your car shifts gears. And if left unattended, the transmission will suffer.

So how do you know if there is an issue with your transmission fluid? Its all about the color. The good news is your transmission fluid is very telling. In most cases, you simply need to look at what color it is to know what type of condition its in. Here are the different colors of transmission fluid and what they mean

The Many Colors of Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid does two important things. It lubricates your transmission parts to help keep them from getting hot. It also acts as a hydraulic fluid to enable your transmission to easily shift from gear to gear. It should always be translucent, no matter the color.

Bright Red this is the color you want to see. Red or bright red transmission fluid is the normal color. So, if you see bright red fluid then you shouldnt have anything to worry about as far as the fluid goes.

Orange or Light Brown as transmission fluid starts to get old it will begin to change colors. When it has changed from red to orange or light brown this is the first sign the fluid is aging. However, it is still okay when its light brown or orange, as long as it is still translucent. But you will be getting closer to the time when it needs to be changed, so be prepared.

Black or Dark Brown if your fluid has turned black or dark brown it is no longer considered healthy transmission fluid. These darker colors indicate the need for a change as soon as possible. When it gets old the fluid starts to fill with tiny air bubbles (oxidation) and that prevents it from doing its job properly. The fluid will most likely no longer be translucent, either. If you keep driving your car with dark fluid, your transmission will pay the price and could suffer major damages.

Pink although pink doesnt sound bad, its not the right color for transmission fluid. When the fluid turns pink it is likely being diluted by engine coolant. Thats a bad sign because it means there is an issue between the transmission and cooling system. So, if your transmission fluid is pink, make sure to get it checked out as soon as you can to avoid even bigger problems.

Let Hoesly Automotive Flush Your Transmission Fluid

Your transmission fluid is extremely important for the proper function of your transmission. If youve noticed any of these signs from your transmission fluid lately, then you should have it checked out. If your fluid is bad, then it will affect your transmissions performance and it could end up severely damaging it.

You might not want to pay for a transmission fluid flush, but the alternative is much worse. If the transmission dies, the cost to repair or replace it will be in the thousands. So, if your fluid is trying to tell you something is wrong, dont ignore it. Get your vehicles transmission checked out right away.

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