Does Hybrid Maintenance Cost More

If you own a hybrid, like a Toyota Prius for example, then you already know the benefits of these vehicles. Hybrids are great for saving money on gas. Plus, if you love the environment and want to leave a smaller footprint, hybrids are great for that too. Another great thing about buying a plug-in hybrid is you qualify for a $7,500 federal tax credit. With so many pluses, why doesnt everyone own a hybrid?

Obviously, it comes down to personal preference, but there is one big concern for people considering a hybrid: the cost of maintenance. There is a common belief that hybrids cost a lot more to maintain. But is that a fair assessment? How much do hybrids really cost to maintain and repair?

What Makes a Hybrid?

A hybrid is made of two engines. They have a conventional internal combustion engine and an electric motor and battery. The conventional engine needs the same maintenance as any other vehicle. On the plus side, when a hybrid runs with power from the electric motor, the conventional engine shuts down. That means less wear and tear on your gas engine. Therefore, the need for maintenance on your conventional engine is often reduced, which saves you money.

It Depends on the Service

The truth is maintaining a hybrid vehicle really doesnt cost any more than a conventional vehicle. Minor repairs and maintenance typically come with the same expense as any other vehicle. In fact, in some cases, these repairs can even be less expensive. But there is an exception. Maintenance and repairs can be much more expensive if something goes wrong with the hybrid system. Thats especially true if the vehicles warranty has already expired. With most hybrids, regular routine maintenance is not required. But if anything in the hybrid system breaks down, the repairs can be very costly.

Finding a Mechanic

Another problem can be finding a mechanic to work on your hybrid vehicle. It used to be that many mechanics didnt want to work on hybrids. But these days, as hybrids have become more common, there are more mechanics that work on them. However, depending on where you take your vehicle you could pay a lot more for hybrid repair in some shops. Plus, not all mechanics really know how to work on hybrids. Therefore, its important to take your hybrid to the right shop with qualified mechanics.

Specialized Hybrid Auto Repair in Vancouver

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Written by Hosely Automotive