Why Is Spring The Perfect Time To Change Your Air Filter

Spring 2018 is almost here. Can you believe it? Most people in the Vancouver WA area welcome spring with open arms. People are ready to shed their winter clothing and go outside a lot more often. Spring is also a popular time to clean up around the house. It??s a great time to get some overdue projects done that you couldn??t do during the winter months. That includes taking care of important automotive maintenance and car repair, no matter which make you drive, including Subaru, Honda, and Toyota.

Is a Dirty Air Filter Hurting Your Vehicle?

There are several things you can do to help get your care ready for spring. One easy maintenance project that often gets overlooked is your air filter. It??s easy to forget because in many vehicles you can??t see the air filter unless you open the cold air collector box. But what you don??t know CAN hurt you. Bottom line, it??s important to change your air filter regularly. In fact, spring is the perfect time to change your air filter. Here??s why.

Pollen Season ?? spring is pollen season. The nasty stuff gets everywhere. Even though you might not see it, it??s getting under your hood, as well. If your air filter is dirty that pollen is going to get inside your vehicle. A clean air filter is the best defense against dirty air. It will help keep the air you breathe in your car much cleaner. Plus, your entire vehicle has been working overtime during the winter so chances are your air filter is more than ready to be changed.

Cleaner Car ?? the funny thing about spring is the weather can be all over the board. From 70-degree days, to rain, and even freezing temperatures, Mother Nature offers the northwest a little bit of everything. The wild, unpredictable weather can put more strain on your air filter. This allows all kinds of dust and other contaminants to get into your vehicle??s cabin, leaving you with a dirty interior and dirty air to breathe. That??s another reason changing your air filter now is a good idea.

More Efficient ?? the most important reason to change your air filter is to help it remain efficient. Driving with a dirty air filter is not good for your vehicle. A dirty air filter leads to decreased airflow. This prevents clean oxygen from mixing with the fuel. That causes the fuel to become too rich and that decreases your gas mileage. It also puts extra stress on your engine. That??s not all. A dirty air filter can also clog your vehicle??s air conditioner or heater core. That also reduces your vehicle??s efficiency. And that costs you more money.

Need Help Changing Your Air Filter?

Many people in Vancouver WA can change their air filter with little trouble. However, it can be more difficult for certain vehicles. If you??re not sure how to change your air filter, let us do the dirty work for you. Contact Hoesly Automotive to get your air filter changed. Or, come and see us for any other auto repair service or maintenance your vehicle needs.

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Written by Hosely Automotive