Why Is My Tpms Light On

If you see a wheel or tire symbol with an exclamation mark on your vehicle, it means your TPMS light is on. The tire pressure monitoring system is a feature implemented in all vehicles today to help you stay safe on the road. When this warning is illuminated, it means that your tire pressure has dropped significantly.

Tire pressure is so essential if you want your vehicle to be safe and perform as it should. When your tires are adequately filled with the correct amount of air, it ensures your car makes contact with the road properly. This ensures even tire wear, increasing the time between tire replacements. Furthermore, proper tire inflation enhances vehicle handling and boosts fuel efficiency.

When this light comes on your dash, it means one or more of your tires have lost air pressure and needs to be refilled as soon as possible. If your TPMS light continues to stay illuminated, it means that you may be dealing with a bigger problem at hand. Your vehicles tires may lose air for several reasons including:

  • Missing or damaged valve caps
  • Faulty valve stem
  • Tire puncture
  • Wheel bead corrosion
  • Pothole or curb damage
  • Cold weather

If your TPMS light is illuminated or flashing, please visit the tire experts at Hoesly Automotive. We perform accurate and thorough inspections of tires to pinpoint problems. In rare cases, your TPMS may be comprised, and your tires may be perfectly fine. Whatever the problem may be, we will get to the bottom of it at Hoesly Automotive.

Please call or visit the neighborhood auto experts at our auto repair shop soon!

Written by Hosely Automotive