Why Is My Fuel Economy Lagging A Vancouver Auto Repair

It seems like we cant catch a break when it comes to gas prices. Prices sunk during the pandemic shutdown, but many people didnt have anywhere to drive so they couldnt take advantage of the low prices. Now that things are opened back up, prices have soared once again.

With no relief in sight, drivers are always looking for better fuel economy. But what happens if your gas mileage has suddenly taken a nosedive? Fuel economy can fluctuate depending on driving conditions and your vehicle of choice. However, if youve noticed a decrease lately but your driving situation hasnt really changed, then you might have a problem that needs some repair.

Most Common Causes of Bad Gas Mileage

Your vehicle can see a dip in fuel economy for several reasons. Heres a breakdown of what can cause a decline and what you can do to fix it.

Problems With Your Vehicle obviously, when your fuel economy takes a hit, the first thing that comes to mind is a mechanical problem. There are several vehicle-related issues that can cause decreased gas mileage. If you havent been following your vehicles maintenance schedule that could be the first place to check. A vehicle in need of service, like a tune-up, tends to burn through more gas as it struggles to run. Other vehicle problems that can affect fuel economy include:

  • A leak in the exhaust system
  • Problems with the fuel injector or fuel pump
  • Misfiring or worn-out spark plus
  • Dirty or old motor oil
  • Low motor oil level or the wrong motor oil
  • Worn out tires
  • Misaligned or unbalanced wheels

If you take good care of your vehicle, it takes care of you. Thats why sticking to the scheduled preventative maintenance plan keeps your car healthy and that helps you save at the pump. If your vehicle is well taken care of, then you shouldnt experience any major drops in fuel economy. If you do, then bring it into Hoesly to see if one of these issues is the culprit.

Your Driving Habits mechanical problems are not the only factor that can cause decreased fuel economy. How you drive does affect your gas mileage. Obviously, a lot of in-town city driving will result in lower gas milage, as opposed to driving a lot on the freeway. Short trips add up to more gas spent. So, if you have to do a lot of back and forth, then try to limit your trips by doing multiple errands at once. Here are some other driving habits that can hurt your fuel economy:

  • Heavy acceleration
  • A lot of heavy braking
  • Running the air conditioner on high for long periods
  • Using multiple electronic devices simultaneously
  • Carrying too much weight in your vehicle
  • Driving too fast

Weather Factors the weather can also play a role in your gas mileage. When the temperature drops, it can take your vehicle longer to warm up, which uses more fuel. So even before you start to drive, your vehicle will use up more gas to get warm. So, unless you really need to let it warm up, dont waste time idling. Its a fuel killer.

Fix Your Fuel Economy Problems at Hoesly Eco Automotive

We know how important gas mileage is to you. Thats why at Hoesly Eco Automotive we offer specialized fuel economy inspections. Well help you determine how you can get the best gas mileage possible for your car, truck, crossover, or SUV. You dont have to get a new car to get better fuel economy.

So, please bring your vehicle into our downtown Vancouver auto repair shop and lets see if we can improve your vehicles fuel economy. Our ASE certified technicians are here to serve you and get your vehicle running at top performance. So, please contact us for your next service or repair. Just call 360-695-5871 or click here to set up an appointment online.

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