Why Is My Engine Making Growling Noises

Why Is My Engine Making Growling Noises Vancouver Auto Repair

Your cars engine makes a lot of noises. Some of them are completely normal and in fact, for some people a revving engine is music to their ears. A lot of drivers cant get enough of that roar. However, not all engine noises are good. In fact, some noises from your engine are not healthy at all, like a growling sound.

There are some growls that sound good, like the one coming from a classic hot rod. But there are other growling sounds that arent what you want to hear. And if you do hear the bad kind of growling from your engine, you need to pay attention. Dont ignore the problem or it will get worse, and it could cause additional damage and problems.

So, what causes your engine to make the bad kind of growling noise? Typically, its a problem with the water pump. When the water pump goes south the engine can start to growl and that means you need to get the water pump replaced. So, what can go wrong with the water pump? Lets take a closer look.

Water Pump Problems

Corrosion your water pump has a long life span, when compared to most parts. You can typically expect it to last about 10 years. But after that it might start to leak. As the coolant drips out onto the pump it will begin to corrode it. Eventually rust will form and it will start eating away at the metal. Additionally, when the coolant is leaking, it makes a mess under your vehicle wherever you park, and it also reduces the amount of coolant in your engine. Without the right amount, your engine will overheat.

Poor Circulation when your water pump wears out, it fails to circulate the coolant or antifreeze. This can lead to an overheating engine because its not getting enough coolant. If the water pump goes completely south your engine wont get any coolant and will overheat very quickly after you start driving. If this happens you need to get it repaired right away.

Loud Noises as previously mentioned, a bad water pump can lead to loud nises from your engine. The noises will most likely be coming from the front of the engine. The noise is often described as a growling noise. It could also be a grinding noise, but it sounds bad either way. Also, if you hear a loud squealing sound, this could be coming from a loose accessory belt.

Quality Engine Repair Vancouver WA

Lets face it, if your car is having engine troubles, you have to do something about it. Your engine is the most expensive part of your vehicle. If it blows, then you are either out of a vehicle, or in for an expensive repair. So, if your engine is making weird sounds, or showing any other type of problem, then dont wait to get it checked out.

You need to bring car, truck, crossover, van, or SUV into our Vancouver auto repair shop to find out whats going on and get it fixed. You need a car you can rely on and that means your engine has to be working right. So, please let our ASE certified technicians take care of your engine problems, if you hear it growling.

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