Why Does My Caras Exhaust Smell Like Sulfur

Whats that smell? Thats usually not something you want to hear when youre talking about your vehicle. Cars do have plenty of different smells and some are nothing to be alarmed about. However, there are other foul odors that you definitely need to pay attention to.

Many of the bad smells from cars, come from the exhaust system. Your exhaust gets rid of a lot of pollutants, so its not surprising that it can smell bad at times, including the smell of sulfur. Sulfur is very unpleasant and if its coming from your vehicle, then you need to get it checked it out sooner rather than later.

Catalytic Converter Problems Vancouver Auto Repair

When you notice the smell of sulfur, most likely there is an issue with your catalytic converter. If your converter gets clogged or starts to malfunction your emissions levels will be affected as well. Your vehicle will still run, but it will likely not have as much power because your exhaust system wont be able to function properly.

The smell of sulfur is just one possible sign that your catalytic converter (CC) needs some attention. There are things to look for that might indicate its time for a new one.

Decreased Gas Mileage when your CC is bad you will likely see a loss in fuel economy. The reason for this is that your engine tends to burn through more fuel when the CC isnt working right. If thats the case, you will likely have to make more trips to the gas station than normal, and with the price of gas these days, thats a lot of extra money out of your pocket.

Dark-Colored Exhaust in addition to the sulfur smell, your exhaust might be very dark in color when the CC goes bad. When the CC cant do its job right and convert the exhaust properly, more pollutants are released into the atmosphere, and they are typically darker in color. A bad oxygen sensor can also cause dark exhaust. To know for sure, you have to get it checked out by a trained professional with the right equipment.

Poor Engine Performance when your CC gets clogged or backed up, it pushes the exhaust back where it came from, into the combustion chamber. Its supposed to flow out of the vehicle through the exhaust system. So naturally this affects your engines performance, especially when you try to accelerate.

Engine Overheats another issue caused by a bad CC is an overheating engine. The CC itself can get overheated, which causes your engine to overheat as well because that extra heat ends up going to the engine.

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If youve noticed any of these signs, including the foul smell of sulfur from your exhaust, then please bring your vehicle into our trusted Vancouver auto repair shop. Our ASE certified technicians will determine if you have a bad catalytic converter, and get it taken care of.

Driving with a bad catalytic converter is not a good idea, and the problem wont fix itself. So, dont wait for things to get worse. Just contact us today and well get you on the schedule. Dont let a clogged catalytic converter ruin your ride. Come see us at Hoesly.

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