Why Does My Car Pull To One Side

Have you started to notice that your vehicle is pulling to one side? Does it feel like it wants to turn left when you want to go straight? Your car should drive in a straight line, unless you tilt the steering wheel. So if it seems like it has a mind of its own lately, then you might need to get it checked out. When a car tends to pull in one direction it could be a sign of trouble. And if you dont get it checked out right away, the problem could get bigger. There are several possible causes for this problem. Lets take a look at the most common issues

Common Causes of Pulling

The first thing to figure out is when does your car pull? Does it always do it, or only when you accelerate? Does it happen you apply the brakes? Does it always pull to the same side? These are all factors in determining why your car, truck, crossover, or SUV pulls in one direction.

Alignment in many cases, your car pulls to one side because the alignment is off. Its easy for a vehicle to get unaligned over time, especially if your tires wear down unevenly, or you dont get them rotated like you should. You should also check your alignment if youve bumped anything hard with your tire recently, like a curb. Or, if youve installed new wheels and/or tires. A proper wheel alignment will resolve this problem and it should stop your vehicle from pulling to one side.

Tires your tires are often the culprits when your car starts pulling to the right or left. If your tires are old and worn out, or if they have an uneven tread wear pattern, this can lead to pulling. In addition if your tires are underinflated that could be another reason your vehicles is pulling in one direction.

Brakes if your tires are in good shape and your alignment is all lined up, but youre still having problems, then take a look at your brakes. If your calipers are stuck this could also cause pulling. The calipers apply pressure on your brake pads when you slow down and stop. If your calipers are stuck it can cause uneven pressure, which leads to pulling to one side. If you notice your vehicle pulling when you brake, dont wait around to get it checked out. Driving around with bad brakes is a big safety hazard.

Other Causes if none of these issues is the problem, there are a few other possibilities. Worn steering linkage, a bad wheel bearing, or a weak tire rod could all cause your car to pull to one side. These are hard to diagnose on your own, so we recommend bringing it in to have our technicians take a closer look.

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