Why Does My Car Need Synthetic Oil A Vancouver Auto Repair

Does your vehicle use synthetic oil? There are many cars on the road today that do, especially most newer vehicles. However, many drivers wonder why they need to use a synthetic and also why it costs so much more. Is synthetic really that much better than conventional motor oil? These are all good questions, and many people have them. Lets look at why synthetic oil is so popular and what benefits there are to using it.

Benefits of Synthetic Motor Oil

First off, what is synthetic oil actually made of? It consists of artificial chemical compounds made from a base oil, a carrier oil, and powder additives.

One of the major advantages of synthetic oil is that is very clean, meaning it can lubricate your engine smoothly without fear of any debris. Conventional oil often has impurities that can build up and prevent smooth lubrication. Synthetic oil, on the other hand, is ultra-refined so you get the best performance possible. These oils are designed protect your engine for longer periods of time and in more adverse conditions. That means fewer oil changes.

Another advantage of synthetic over conventional is that it can withstand higher temperatures without oxidizing or breaking down. Conventional oils can withstand temperatures of about 250-300 degrees max. By comparison, synthetic oils can handle temperatures of as much as 700 degrees. That makes synthetics the best choice for almost every engine type, especially in hot weather. Furthermore, synthetic oil is good for cold temperatures because it can flow freely even in extremely low temperatures.

Synthetic motor oil also offers the benefit of less boil-off. Typically, conventional motor oil loses at least 30 percent of its weight when the engine runs at 400 degrees for six hours. Compare that to a good synthetic option, which will only lose about 4 percent of its weight under the same conditions. The lower evaporation rate means you save money because your engine uses up synthetic oil at a much slower pace. So, synthetic oil lasts longer, and you dont have to replace it as often.

Synthetic oil does cost more than conventional oil because it costs more to make them. However, they last longer and perform better, meaning you totally get what you pay for. Thats why we highly recommend using synthetic oil for your next oil change.

Quality Oil Change in Vancouver WA

Is your car, truck, crossover, or SUV due for an oil change? Whether you use a full-synthetic, or your vehicle still uses 100 percent oil, we have you covered at Hoesly Eco Automotive. Just bring your vehicle in and well get you taken care of and back on the road.

Your oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle so be sure to never put off this important service, its quick and easy and we do the dirty work for you. Your engine will thank you for taking care of it and youll be a happier car owner.

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