Why Does My Car Air Conditioning Smell

Dont you love that new car smell? Its too bad it cant last forever. On the flip side, dont you hate it when your car starts making bad smells? Sometimes, it comes from the engine, or the exhaust. Sometimes its because we dont clean are cars enough. That unfinished cheeseburger in the backseat from two weeks ago might be the problem. But sometimes, your car smells fine until you turn on the air conditioning. And then all that nice cool air is ruined by something stinky. So why does your cars air conditioning smell bad?

Most Common Reasons for Air Conditioning Smells

If you notice a bad smell from your air conditioning then you obviously have a problem. These are the most common reasons for bad air conditioning smells.

Gas Leak if the bad odor from your air conditioner smells like gas, then you might have a gas leak. This happens because the gas smell gets sucked into the fresh air when you turn your AC on. To stop this from happening, you have to find the source of the leak and get it fixed. A gas leak can occur in several places, so you might have to check several before you find it.

Antifreeze another unusual smell coming from your AC can be antifreeze. This is actually kind of a sweet smell, but its not a good one. That sweet smell is actually coming from toxic liquid ethylene glycol and it can be very harmful. If you have a leak in your cooling system, then you might smell antifreeze in your AC. That means its time to get your entire cooling system checked to find and repair any damage or leaks.

Bacteria or Mold sometimes the problem can be found in your air vents. The ad smell could be mold or some other bacteria growing inside the vents. Over time, mold, mildew and other nasty things can grow inside your vents, which can cause a foul odor every time you turn on the air. If you have growth in your air vents then youll need to locate the AC drain tube and make sure its working. You can also inject anti-bacterial solution into the AC case. This will kill any bacteria growing behind the dashboard panel.

Dirty Air Filters one other common cause of smelly AC is dirty air filters. If your filters are not cleaned properly, or not replaced on time, they can get very nasty. All that built up filth can result in a stinky smell every time you turn on your AC. This is an easy fix. Either clean or replace your air filter and air filter housing. Keeping up on this maintenance should keep the bad smells away for good.

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