When Was The Last Time You Had Your Tires Rotated

Have you had your tires rotated lately? Its one of those things you always hear about, especially when you visit a tire shop or an auto repair shop. While some people get their tires rotated religiously, many drivers tend to overlook this important maintenance service. But how important is it, really? Does it really affect your tires? Can it lead to any major issues if you dont do it?

You Need to Rotate Your Tires Regularly

The answer to both of those questions is yes. Yes, rotating your tires does matter and it is a big deal. In fact, there are several reasons why you cant afford to ignore this important service. Heres why.

Your Tires Will Last Longer you paid a lot of money for those four rubber donuts. And you expect to get a lot of miles out of them. You definitely dont want to have to buy a new set of tires before your current set is supposed to wear out. The problem is, your tires will wear out much faster unless you have them rotated regularly. Your tread is going to wear down, no matter what. Thats what tires do. But rotating them regularly helps prevent them from wearing out faster. That helps keep your vehicle safe, and it also helps you save money because you dont have to replace your tires as often.

Better Driving Performance another important reason to have your tires rotated regularly is to improve overall vehicle performance. By keeping your tires regularly rotated, they perform better. When you dont rotate your tires, they dont wear evenly. When you have uneven tread your tires wear down faster. But they also dont run as smoothly as they should. In addition, your overall driving performance suffers. Your ride becomes less stable and usually less comfortable. Uneven tread wear can lead to unsafe driving conditions, too. If the tread gets too worn out, the tire could actually burst. This is a situation no one ever wants to be involved in.

Better Gas Mileage with the price of gas remaining so high, who doesnt want to save on their fuel costs? Well, rotating your tires is a good way to improve your gas mileage and keep it at its peak. Just by simply rotating your tires, you should see improved performance and better gas mileage. That helps you save money at the pump and on tires. The reason not rotating your tires hurts your fuel economy is that it causes increased road friction when tires need to be rotated. That extra friction leads to lower gas mileage.

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Getting your tires rotated might seem like such a simple thing, but the fact is it can help you save money in several ways. Dont overlook this important service. You can bring your vehicle in to Hoesly Automotive for any important vehicle repair or maintenance service. Well get you taken care of right. It doesnt matter what kind of service you need. We have you covered. So if you dont remember the last time you had your tires rotated, then now might be a good time to come in for a tire inspection. Most tire manufacturers recommend having your tires rotated at least every 5,000 miles.

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So, make sure your vehicle is safe and operating at its peak performance. Get your tires rotated regularly for the best tire performance possible. Call us today to make your next appointment or click here to set up an appointment online.

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