Whatas Wrong With My Caras Ac A Vancouver Auto Repair

Driving in the summer with a broken air conditioner is horrible. Its especially bad when youre stuck in slow moving traffic. Rolling down the windows doesnt even help. You break out in a terrible sweat and you cant wait to get somewhere that has working AC. But you dont have to live with a busted AC unit in your car. Just come see us at Hoesly and well get the problem fixed.

Summer is officially just a few days away. And that means July and August are just around the corner. And when they hit, the heat waves will come too. So if youre vehicles AC has been having issues, then now is the time to take care of them. Dont wait for the next wave to take action.

Why Does My AC Blow Hot Air?

There are several reasons your AC might not be working anymore.

Refrigerant Is Low the most common reason your AC stops working is because its low on refrigerant. Thats what makes the air cool when it comes out of your vents. Refrigerant doesnt get low without a reason. So if yours is low then there must be a problem somewhere. You can bring it in to Hoesly and well find it.

A Leak in the System as you may have guessed, the most obvious reason you would be losing refrigerant is because you have a leak somewhere in your AC system. The problem is a refrigerant leak is hard to find. You wont see a puddle of liquid anywhere, because the refrigerant evaporates when it hits the air. So you need to listen for unusual sounds coming from your AC. Thats a sign something is wrong and you need to get it inspected. If your AC continually cycles off and on, that is another sign of trouble.

The Fan Motor Is Bad all vehicles have at least one fan motor. And many of them now have two. If your fan motor(s) goes bad your AC is going to follow its lead. And that means youll end up with an overheated engine, and maybe on the side of the road. So its a good idea to check your fans regularly to be sure they are in good working condition. Keeping these working at optimal performance will save you big headaches down the road and a lot of money.

Fix Your AC at Hoesly Automotive

Whats worse than your cars air conditioning not working during a hot summer day? Driving in a hot car can be unbearable. And in some cases, it can even be dangerous. If your AC is no longer blowing cold air then do something about it. Dont suffer through another hot commute home in the blazing heat.

Its time to bring your car, truck crossover, van, or SUV into Hoesly Automotive and get your AC working like new. Well figure out whats causing the problem and well get that ice cold air blowing again.

So go ahead and give us a call at 360-558-3747 or click here to set up an appointment online, if you need your AC repaired in Vancouver WA. You can always trust Hoesly Eco Automotive to fix things right, no matter what kind of car you drive.

Our ASE certified technicians no how to service your AC and any other car problems you might be having. So rest assured that you can trust our auto repair experts to help you keep your vehicle in top condition.

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