What Does Suv Stand For

Everyone's daily routine and job are unique, as are their vehicles. Some people prefer a very comfortable drive, while others prefer space and efficiency. The main reason for the variety of vehicles we have on the market is that everyone has a specific taste and need. Here come SUVs; they are ideal for those who want a spacious interior with plenty of storage as well as speed. There are numerous shapes and forms, colors, and engine options to choose from, but what are SUVs exactly? Well, if you want to find out, make sure you continue reading!

What Does SUV Mean?

SUV is an abbreviation meaning "Sports Utility Vehicle". As the name implies, they are utility vehicles capable of towing or storing a lot of stuff while still having a lot of power. With the benefits it brings in comparison with its other options, like sedans or hatchbacks, it has grown in popularity drastically. It's perfect for anyone from a big family to someone who likes a lot of room and performance at the same time.

Why Are SUVs Different From Other Cars

Starting off with the exterior, they are much bigger than normal vehicles. They are also raised from the ground to provide extra clearance for going through rougher terrain. When looking at the interior, it gets even better, it's spacious, and most of the time, it is equipped with many comfort features. It's an overall great package of features that are appealing to a lot of people.

Are SUVs 4x4?

Most SUVs are 4x4, meaning the power from the engine is delivered to all four wheels. This provides extra stability when driving. Some of them are only front-wheel or rear-wheel drive, but the best option to go for is a 4x4, aka an AWD. This especially applies to more powerful SUVs because the power is best delivered from all of the wheels instead of just one pair.

SUV Repairs At Hoesly Automotive!

If your SUV is causing you trouble on the road, make sure to visit our shop. Our team will be happy to help out with any issue, even if it is as simple as an air filter change.

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