What Could Be Wrong With My Car Heater

During this time of year, you may rely on your car heater more than ever. Not only does it make the cold winter drives bearable, but your car heater also aids your car engine. The combustion process is unlikely to run correctly if your heating system is not operating since it is difficult to transfer the heat away from the engine.

Even though you can drive modern vehicles without the heater on without experiencing any problems, it can put a strain on your car's engine over time. If you are experiencing the following symptoms, please bring your vehicle to Hoesly Automotive for an inspection:

  • A Mildew Smell - If you smell something suspicious coming out of your vents, you may be dealing with a coolant leak.
  • Steam Coming from the Engine - Any smoke emitting from under the hood is a cause for concern. Please come into Hoesly Automotive for an inspection soon as the steam could be a side effect of engine overheating.
  • Foggy Windshield - When the heater is malfunctioning, so will the defroster. As a result, you will experience trouble seeing through a hazy windshield.
  • No Heat - If cold air or no air comes out of your vents, you need to bring your car to the auto repair shop. This usually happens when you have a broken blower motor or a leak in the heater core.

Heating/Cooling System Repairs in Vancouver, WA

If you suspect that your car's heating system is impaired, we invite you to bring it to Hoesly Automotive for an inspection and repair. Putting a necessary job like this off can lead to major repairs down the line. At our auto repair shop in Vancouver, WA, we aim to keep your vehicle in tip-top condition throughout the bitter and cold winter.

Written by Hosely Automotive