What Are The Signs I Need New Tires A Vancouver Tire Experts

When it comes to safe driving, it all starts with your tires. Without good tires you cant safely get wherever you need to be. Thats especially true in the northwest where you never know what youre going to get from Mother Nature.

At this time of year, our roads are often wet, slick, or both from rain, snow, or ice. Your tires make all the difference in whether you have control of your vehicle. Obviously, like any other car part, your tires wear out over time. The tread begins to wear down and your traction declines. At some point, if you keep your car for an extended period, youre going to have to replace your tires.

Signs Its Time for New Tires in Vancouver

So, what are the signs you should be looking for when your tires need to be replaced? Here are some of the most common issues you will likely notice if its time for some new rubber.

When you inspect your tire tread there are different things to be looking for. For starters, look at the overall treadwear. A new tire should have a tread depth of 10/32. When your tread reaches 3/32 its time to replace them. You can use a small measuring device to check it or simply use a penny. Just point Lincolns head down into the tread groove. If the tread hits any part of his head your tires are still okay. If the tread doesnt touch Lincolns head, then its time for new tires.

Another thing to look for is uneven treadwear. This can occur in the center of the tire or on one side. Whether you have uneven center wear of edge wear, either way, you should get your tires replaced. You should also have one of our mechanics determine why your tires are wearing unevenly so it doesnt keep happening to your new tires.

Another obvious sign to look for is the age of your tires. If youve had them for several years and miles, then its likely time replace them simply because they have worn out over time. And other thing to look for is any kind of tread separation. This is not common on passenger vehicles but if you notice it, then dont wait to get your tires replaced.

Get Your New Tires from Hoesly Automotive in Vancouver, WA

You cant place a true value on your tires. They keep you safe on the road every time you drive. Thats especially true when you live in the northwest. Our weather can create all kinds of difficult driving conditions and if your tires arent ready you could end up in an accident or getting stuck somewhere on the side of the road.

If your tires are showing any of these signs of wear or you know you have already driven them longer than the expected tread life, then its time to get them inspected. Please bring your vehicle into our Vancouver auto repair shop and well look at your tread. Well make sure its still sufficient and that there is no uneven treadwear.

When its time for new tires, trust Hoesly Automotive to get you the right ones for your vehicle that best fit your budget. If you need new tires or any other service or repair, then please contact Hoesly Eco Automotive today. You can reach us by phone at 360-695-5871 or click here to set up an appointment online. Get your next set of tires at Hoesly Automotive.

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