What Are Some Common Car Problems In The Winter

We know that wintertime driving can be stressful and have you on edge. It is especially true when a winter storm sweeps in. As a responsible driver, the best thing you can do is prepare your car for what's to come in in Vancouver, WA. Thankfully, a thorough at Hoesly Automotive can help confirm that your vehicle is in a suitable condition to stay reliable through the winter. If not, our expert team can help make those necessary repairs to get you where you need to be this season.

Here are some of the most prevalent causes of winter vehicle breakdowns:

  • Engine overheating - Engine oil naturally gets thicker in cold weather, making it more difficult for the liquid to circulate and keep your car running smoothly.
  • Dead battery - Car batteries do not operate as well in extreme temperatures, so you may find your battery struggling to produce a charge in the cold. Do not be surprised if you experience car starts. We recommend packing a pair of jumper cables at all times just in case of an emergency.
  • Radiator failure - If your motor doesn't turn over, you detect loud squealing, you see warning lights come on, and you notice steam starts discharging from the hood; there's a good chance you are experiencing radiator failure. Please have a professional check under the hood.
  • Bald tires - Your tires need sufficient tread to channel snow and rainwater away to help your vehicle grip the road properly. Additionally, it would be best if you matched your manufacturer's tire pressure recommendations to ensure a safe ride. Without adequate tread and pressure, your car will experience difficulty driving and stopping.

The automotive problems mentioned above are some of the most common issues we see at our auto repair shop during the winter. We want to help you prevent breakdowns or accidents from happening, which is why we suggest you come into Hoesly Automotive for a winter car inspection. Feel free to give us a call or visit our shop in Vancouver, WA, today!

Written by Hosely Automotive