What Are Signs Of Low Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is an essential component to the hydraulic brake system and without it, your brake system can fail. When brakes build up pressure, brake fluid is released into the brake pads which then allow the rotors to stop. This is ultimately what will stop your vehicle.

Not only is it essential to fix low brake fluid for your safety, but it also can be a sign of another problem within your vehicle. Low brake fluid can be caused by a leakage in the brake system, a brake line that is damaged, or worn-down brake pads.

Now that you understand why brake fluid is important, you may be wondering how to tell when your brake fluid is low.

Here are the signs of low brake fluid:

Warning Light

Oftentimes, the first sign that your brake fluid is low is from your vehicle's brake fluid warning light. If you see this light turn on, you more than likely have low brake fluid, and it is time to bring your vehicle in to ourauto shop.

Difficult time stopping

Another sign that your vehicle is running low on brake fluid is if your brakes feel spongy when stopping. When your car is low on brake fluid, moisture builds up in the brake system and creates that sponge-like feeling.

Low or discolored brake fluid

Overtime, you brake fluid may become low or discolored. If you notice that your brake fluid looks dirty or has particles in it, it is a sign that your vehicle's brake fluid needs to be changed. Be sure to check your brake fluid regularly to ensure that it is not low or dirty.

Recent brake replacement

While not necessarily a sign that your brake fluid is low, anytime you replace your brakes you should also have the brake system completely flushed out.


The top signs of low brake fluid are your vehicle's warning light, having a difficult time stopping, low/discolored brake fluid, and if your vehicle has recently had a brake replacement.

If your vehicle has any of these signs of low brake fluid, bring it in to our auto repair shop today to have it checked out!

Written by Hosely Automotive