Vancouver Auto Repair Why Are My Caras Interior Lights Flickering

Have you notice your car lights flickering lately? Its not just your imagination. If either or both of your interior or exterior lights are dim or flickering, its likely a sign of problems with your alternator.

Without the alternator functioning properly your vehicle cannot produce enough voltage to keep the battery charged while you are operating your vehicle. So, if youve noticed flickering or dim lights, then its probably time to replace your alternator at our Vancouver auto repair shop.

Other Alternator Issues to Look for

In addition to flickering lights, there are other signs to be aware of that your alternator is on the fritz. Here are a few other things to look for.

Stalling Vehicle if your vehicle continues to stall, the alternator is likely to blame. If it cant send enough power to the spark plugs, they will misfire, and your car will stall. A new alternator is the only solution.

Other Accessory Issues your lights arent the only accessory affected by a bad alternator. The alternator also helps power other accessories like the seats and windows, and your navigation or entertainment systems. If these arent acting right, then your alternator is probably the reason.

Dead Battery or Difficulty Starting a bad alternator can cause your battery to drain, which means you wont be able to start your vehicle. So, if your battery is dead, you should also check the alternator to make sure its not what killed your battery, especially if your battery is newer.

Burning Smell when your alternator is bad it might produce too much voltage, which can cause your vehicles wiring to overheat. When that happens, you will likely smell something burning, like plastic or rubber.

Weird Noises a bad alternator can also cause strange sounds from under the hood, including a growling sound. This noise comes from the alternators internal parts when it tries to produce voltage. Additionally, you might hear a whining sound from the alternator belt if it gets loose. Either way, strange sounds mean trouble is lurking.

Warning Light your dashboard has several warning lights, and one of them could indicate an issue with the alternator. The light could be a battery-shaped graphic, or it might say ALT. Whatever the light is, you shouldnt ignore it.

Stop Flickering Lights with a New Alternator

Flickering lights can be annoying, but they are likely also a sign that something is wrong with your alternator. If your alternator is going bad, you shouldnt wait around to get it fixed or replaced. If it dies completely then you could end up somewhere stuck on the side of road. So, dont let a faulty alternator leave you stranded.

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