Vancouver Auto Repair Fixing A Flat Tire

Have you ever had a flat tire and been stuck on the side of the road? Maybe youre lucky enough to never have experienced that. But what if you did get a flat tire? Would you know how to change it?

Having a flat can be very frustrating, especially if its in the middle of nowhere and you dont have any way to fix it. Unfortunately, if you own a car, flat tires happen. Even the most durable tires are still susceptible to going flat because of punctures. For example, if you run over a nail, your tire is probably going to deflate.

At some point, almost every driver is going to have to deal with a flat tire especially if their vehicle doesnt include a spare tire. Thats why everyone should know how to fix a flat tire. So, this is what you need to be aware if your car ends up with a flat.

How to Use a Tire Plug Kit

For starters, you need to purchase a tire plug kit. Without it you cant fix a flat tire yourself.

Step #1. Locate the Leak to fix a flat you have to find the leak first. If a nail or screw has punctured your tire it can be easy to find the leak. If there isnt any sharp object stuck in your tire, you need to re-inflate it and listen for a hissing sound. If that doesnt work, then try using bubbles to spot the leak. Just get some soapy water and start brushing or spraying it on the tire. If there is a leak you should see bubbles at the spot of the hole. Mark the spot so you dont lose it and have to go through the entire process again.

Step #2. Take off the Tire next up, loosen the lug nuts a little then use a jack under the car frame to lift the tire off the ground. Next, unscrew the nuts completely and remove your tire.

Step #3. Prepare the Hole its a good idea to clean the area around the leak before you insert the rasping tool from the repair kit. To prepare the insertion point, push the rasping tool in and pull it out several times.

Step #4. Insert the Plug now its time to insert the plug. Thread the plug at the middle of the insertion tool and put it in the hole. Rubber cement or glue lubricates the plug and helps it slide right in and seals the hole. Let the plug sit and dry for at least a minute. After about a minute or so, cut the excess plug.

Step #5. Reinstall the Tire its time to reinstall the tire, bit first re-inflate it. Place it on the wheel mount and partially tighten the lug nuts. Now lower your vehicle and remove the jack. Then you can tighten the nuts completely.

Fixing a flat tire is something all drivers should know how to do. However, after youve repaired your tire its a good idea to take your vehicle to an auto repair shop to be sure the repair job is sufficient. You might even need to purchase a new tire.

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