Types Of Car Fluid Leaks

There are many different vehicle fluids that may leak out of your car, while many of the vehicle fluids coming out may be normal, there are certain other fluids that can spell trouble for you. Here, we will go through the many different vehicle fluids that your car may leak from.

Coolant Leak:

If there is a leak coming from your car that is either bright green, orange, or pink, then it is most likely coolant, also known as antifreeze. Leaking coolant would be considered normal for older cars, but modern cars are much more designed to prevent leaks, so chances are that your car may have a mechanical issue if there is coolant leaking.

Oil Leak:

A black puddle or stain is usually the sign of an oil leak. Oil leaks occur most commonly at the oil pan and in gaskets that are located in the engine. if an oil leak occurs and leaks from under your car, it means that your gasket has an issue and must be looked at.

Transmission Fluid Leak:

If there is a pink or red puddle or stain under your vehicle, it is very likely that your car is leaking transmission fluid. It is important to have your car's transmission analyzed and looked at for replacement in order to keep your car from having any issues.

Gear Oil Leak:

If you have a thick glob oozing out of your car, it is the sign of a gear oil leak that has occurred from a damaged gasket, as well as the transmission. This gooey substance usually sticks to the side of the car, instead of leaking out as a liquid.

Power Steering Fluid Leak:

If there is a puddle that smells similar to transmission fluid, it is most likely a power steering fluid that is leaking. These leaks usually occur in the engine bay. An indicator of this leak is that your vehicle steering may have some issues.

Brake Fluid Leak:

If you have a leak that is somewhat bright and smells similar to fish oil, it is very likely a brake fluid leak, which means that your car will have issues braking. It is detrimental that you do not drive your car if you have this leak and get it checked in for repair.

Wiper Fluid Leak:

A bright blue or pink puddle or spot is usually the fluid from your car's wipers' cleaners. These leaks usually occur when the wiper tubes are damaged.

Hopefully, your car does not come across any of these leaks, but in the off chance that they do, please feel free to come into our auto shop so that we may take a look.

Written by Hosely Automotive