Top Tips For Managing Your Fleet Maintenance

Managing a fleet of service vehicles is a big job, with so many different responsibilities. And theyre all important. In some cases, your entire business depends on the successful operation of your fleet. Without dependable, reliable vehicles, you cant run your business. Thats why staying on top of your vehicle maintenance is so important.

Here are some top tips to keep in mind to stay on top of your fleet service maintenance.

Understand the cost savings of preventive maintenance The first step is to recognize how valuable preventative maintenance can be to your fleet and to your entire company. Preventative maintenance will play a huge factor in keeping your vehicles running safely and smoothly. It will also help you save money on much larger, costlier repairs that will knock your vehicles out of commission. So make sure you do regular preventative maintenance.

Know your total cost of ownership as a fleet manager, you know the price of a vehicle is just one factor in your expenses. The truth is, the total cost of ownership is the real dollar figure that matters. Insurance, maintenance, fuel economy, and resale value are all important factors in your fleets success. So make sure you understand all of these factors, so you know the right time to put a vehicle out of service.

Make sure your drivers understand company policy One of the quickest ways for your fleet to bleed money is to hire drivers that dont take care of your vehicles. Its imperative to set a company policy and then make that policy clear to drivers. Having safe and responsible drivers will go a long ways in keeping your vehicles on the road with fewer problems. It will also cut down on accidents or other safety issues that could cause huge headaches that are very costly.

Inspect your vehicles properly this is another small step that can pay big dividends for your fleet. By properly inspecting your vehicles regularly you stay on stop of their maintenance needs. This helps you find small issues before they can become big problems. So make sure you perform regular, routing vehicle inspections and fix any problems you find, immediately.

Check tire pressure regularly tire pressure might not seem like a big deal. But considering how many things can go wrong when you drive on improperly inflated tires, tire pressure makes a big difference. Your tire wear, fuel economy, suspension and handling, among other things, are all affected by tire pressure. So be sure your tires are always properly inflated.

Build a strong partnership with your fleet maintenance provider no matter how you decide to service your fleet vehicles, make sure you develop a strong relationship with your service provider. This relationship will help ensure that your vehicles are properly serviced in a timely manner. And that means youll have less downtime and fewer expensive repairs.

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