Top Tips For Getting Your Car Ready For Spring

Top Tips for Getting Your Car Ready for Spring

While it seems like old man winter is still doing everything he can to make his presence felt, inevitably, spring is on its way. The tough driving conditions of this recent wintery weather in Vancouver WA may have taken their toll on your vehicle. The snow and ice can be a problem for many drivers. In some cases, after driving in these conditions, your car, truck or SUV might be in need of some auto care or auto repair in Vancouver WA.

Ready for the Rain in Vancouver WA?

Now is a great time to get your car ready for spring. Whether you drive a Honda, Toyota, Subaru, or any other make or model, you want to be sure your vehicle is ready for the upcoming wet season. Getting ready for spring driving is more than just removing your snow tires. Here in the Pacific Northwest, including Vancouver WA, spring means a lot of rain. So you want to be sure your vehicle is ready.

Time to Get to Work

With that in mind, these are the top tips to get your ready care ready for spring in Vancouver WA.

  • Replace Your Wiper Blades - this one of the most important car care tips for spring, especially with all the rain we get in Vancouver. Your blades might still be good, but be sure you check for cracks or tears and replace them if they arent working properly.
  • Clean Your Car Inside and Out - now is a great time to give your car a good bath. You should wash your car on the outside, including the underside. After the ice and snow, plus any sand or salt from put down to melt them, the underside of your car needs a good scrubbing to help avoid rust. You should also clean the interior, including vacuuming and dusting, and wipe down your all-weather floor mats.
  • Check Tire Pressure - Be sure to check your tire pressure and top it off if your tires are a little low. Tires tend to lose air in the cold weather so now is a good time to check them.
  • Check and Top Off Fluids - be sure to check all your fluids, including anti-freeze, wiper fluid, and brake fluid. Top them off, if needed.
  • Check Your Oil - if you havent had an oil change in a while then make an appointment to get that done. Even if your car isnt due for an oil change, its a good idea to check it to make sure your oil supply isnt low or dirty.
  • Time for a Maintenance Check - Lastly, you should check your maintenance schedule to see if your vehicle is due for important upkeep or services. This is a great time to get a tune-up to make sure your vehicle is running smoothly for the upcoming spring weather.
Hoesly Automotive Can Help

Your vehicle is important. You rely on it to get you wherever you need to be. Thats why when you take care of your vehicle and get it ready for spring, you can be sure it will take care of you. By completing all these important auto care tips you will help keep your car, truck, or SUV running smoothly. At Hoesly Automotive, in downtown Vancouver WA, we can help you get your car ready for spring. We service all major makes and models, including Honda, Subaru, and Toyota. Give us a call or contact us online and well make sure your vehicle is road ready. No matter what type of auto repair in Vancouver WA you need, Hoesly Automotive has you covered. Call 360-558-3747, or click here to contact us online.

Written by Hosely Automotive