Top Signs Your Vehicle Needs Brake Service

Top Signs Your Vehicle Needs Brake Service

Who doesn'tcringe when they hear that awful sound of squeaky brakes? Its a sound you never want to hear on your vehicle. But many car, truck and SUV owners have squeaky brakes. Sure, you can try to ignore it for a while, but eventually, youre going to have to address the problem. Even if youre able to look past the sound forever, you cant ignore how soft your brakes feel when you press on them.

Squeaking, Grinding or Screeching

So what causes your brakes to squeak? It could be something simple, like built-up dust or condensation. However, squeaky brakes often signal that your brakes need to be repaired. Grinding or squeaky brakes are usually caused by worn out brake pads or shoes. When your pads wear out and you dont address the problem, other parts of your brake system can be damaged. Therefore, if your brakes start squeaking and the squeak doesn't go away by itself, then chances are you need a brake service. If thats the case, bring your Honda, Subaru, Toyota, Hybrid, or any other make or model into Hoesly Automotive for a brake service.

Other Signs of Brake Damage

So what are some other signs that your vehicle needs a brake service or replacement? Here are some other obvious things to be aware of.

Vibrating have you ever been driving down the road and had to brake hard. What about when youre driving at a high speed and you have to use your brakes? When your brakes work fine, you shouldn't feel anything different with your brake system. However, if you feel a vibrating or pulsating sensation on your foot when you push down on the brake pedal that is a sign of brake issues. You might also notice your steering wheel kind of shaking or vibrating when you engage the brake pedal, as well. If you experience this vibrating or shaking sensation when you brake, you should get your brakes checked out as soon as possible.

Pulling another common issue with brakes is pulling. When you brake and your car wants to pull to one side or the other, then your brakes need to be checked. This might not be a major issue. In fact, it could be a simple fix, like adding brake fluid, or simply adjusting your brake fittings. However, if you leave this problem unattended, it could get worse and lead to bigger problems. It pays to get your brakes checked now instead of having a worse problem later.

Soft or squishy do your brakes feel soft? You know that feeling where you have to push down harder in order to get them to stop. If your brakes feel soft or squishy this is a sure sign your brakes need some attention. This is not a problem you should wait around to get fixed. If you cant stop as soon as you need to, it could lead to a serious, or even deadly accident. Dont wait to get your brakes checked right away if they feel soft. If its a small thing, then it can be easily taken care of. If its a major problem, then you definitely want to get it taken care of.

Get Your Brakes Checked at Hoesly Automotive

Your brakes are one of the many essential functions of your vehicle. You cant afford to drive with damaged or worn out brakes. The consequences could be fatal. So, if youve noticed any of these warning signs in your brake system then please schedule an appointment with Hoesly Automotive to get them checked out. Well make sure your entire brake system is working properly and get your vehicle safely back on the road.

Dont wait to take care of this important service as soon as you can. Just call us or click here to make your appointment online. Contact us for trusted Ford, Chevy, and Toyota auto repair. We service Subaru and Honda, as well as most other makes and models.

Written by Hosely Automotive