Top Safety Tips For Driving In Traffic

If you're a daily driver or commuter, chances are you've been stuck in bumper to bumper traffic that won't budge. Nobody enjoys driving in traffic (well, maybe) - and the truth is, driving in conditions such as what we have described above can actually be more difficult and harder to navigate.

A traffic commute can cause aggressiveness and a bit of uncertainty while driving, especially when on the freeway. It may be harder to switch lanes or get where you need to go. With the larger amount of cars, it also becomes harder to stay safe and drive defensively.

Here are some top safety tips on driving during traffic:

  • Give yourself plenty of time to switch lanes, if possible. Bumper to bumper can make it difficult to get over, so allowing yourself enough time to find a way in can be very helpful and help you avoid accidents.
  • Leave plenty of space between your vehicle and the car in front of you. Traffic means uncertainty, and although it may ease up for a little bit, you never know when the cars in front of you will be braking again. Leaving room between vehicles will give you ample time to brake.
  • Stay calm and try not to rush. We understand that if you're driving in traffic, you may be pushing the clock to get where you need to be, or may already be late. But rushing your driving to get to your destination can actually be harmful to you and other drivers, and an accident will make you even later.
  • It can be tempting to take out your phone when driving in traffic because you aren't moving as quickly. Never use your phone while on the road, period. Distractions cause accidents and whatever it is, it can wait.
  • Always check your blind spots during traffic. Cars tend to be close to one another, and it can be easy to miss a car that is right next to you hiding in your blind spot. This doesn't just apply to traffic driving, but is helpful at all times on the road.

We hope that these tips will prove helpful the next time that you are on the road and stuck in traffic. Remember, drive safely!

Written by Hosely Automotive