Top Preventive Maintenance Services You Should Consider

Top Preventive Maintenance Services You Should Consider

Have you noticed anything different with your vehicle lately? Like maybe a strange noise, or maybe a little rattle or hum when you reach a certain speed. Maybe youve noticed a drop in your average MPG. Whatever the case, if youre car is still running but something seems a little off, then you probably need some maintenance done.

A Little Money Now, Or A Lot of Money Later

No one likes to spend money on auto repairs in Vancouver WA. We would all rather use our money for other things. However, preventative maintenance on our vehicles is very important. In fact, spending a little money before big problems arise will help you save A LOT of money down the road.

Preventative maintenance is much cheaper than major repairs. So even though you would rather spend your hard-earned money elsewhere, here are some of the top preventative maintenance services you should strongly consider.

1. Check the Battery Check your battery to make sure its still carrying a good charge. Also, clean the contacts to make sure the connection is strong.

2. Change Engine Air Filter your air filter can be easy to overlook, but it gets dirty, especially if you do a lot of stop-and-go driving. So check it and if its dirty replace it.

3. Replace Cabin Air Filter much like your engine air filter, your cabin air filter gets dirty. So make sure you change it. It might not affect your cars performance, but a clean cabin air filter will make your drive time a lot more pleasant.

4. Rotate and Balance Your Tires rotating and balancing your tires regularly is vital for performance. If you overlook this important task your tires will wear unevenly and your gas mileage will go down.

5. Replace Your Spark Plugs bad, or old, spark plugs can affect your vehicles overall performance. If they are dirty or worn out your engine wont run efficiently, which will cost you more money for fuel. So make sure you check your plugs and change them, if needed.

6. Check Your Belts no matter how many different belts your make and model has, its extremely important to get them checked often to make sure theyre running smoothly. Bad belts can lead to bad performance and expensive repairs. So get your belts checked, and if theyre worn out, change them.

7. Change Your Oil all vehicles are different, but getting your oil changed on a regular schedule will improve your cars overall performance and save you money in the long run.

8. Check Other Fluids your other fluids are also important. Your coolant, your brake fluid, and your transmission fluid should all be checked regularly to ensure they are clean and that you have enough.

Regular Maintenance Keeps Your Vehicle Running

At Hoesly Automotive, we know how important your vehicle is to you every day. It doesnt matter what you use it for. Whether you drive your car to work every day, you have a family vehicle to shuttle everyone around where they need to be, or you operate an entire fleet of work vehicles, you depend on your vehicle to get you where you need to be.

So contact Hoesly Automotive today to schedule your preventative maintenance. Some of the preventative maintenance we offer includes oil changes, fluids checked, and coolant flushed; tire rotations, brake flushes, and much, much more. So call us, or make your appointment online by clicking here. Come to Hoesly for Honda auto repair, Toyota auto repair, Subaru auto repair, Ford auto repair, or any other make you drive.

Written by Hosely Automotive