Top New Yearas Resolutions For Your Car 2020

Another new year is about to begin. Can you believe its almost 2020? And of course, you know what that means. Its time to make some New Years resolutions. There are all kinds of resolutions but generally people focus on things to improve themselves and their lives. From losing weight, to eating better and exercising, to spending more time with family, or learning something new, this is when people look to make changes.

Make Your Auto Care a Priority This Year

So what about your car? Have you ever made any resolutions regarding your car? Of course, wed all like to buy a brand new car every year, but thats not realistic for most people. But you can keep your current vehicle looking and driving like new if you make and keep a few car care resolutions this year. Here are some ideas to consider.

Keep Up on Your Car Maintenance no one likes to spend money on auto repairs. And thats exactly why you should make it a resolution to keep up to date on your routine maintenance. Doing this will ensure your car stays in top shape and help prevent bigger, more expensive repairs down the road.

Learn Basic Car Maintenance speaking of regular maintenance, there are several things you can take care of yourself. So make it a resolution this year to learn how to take care of the small things. You can change your windshield wipers or broken bulbs and top off your fluids. Changing or cleaning your air filter is another easy job. You could also learn to change your oil and replace your battery.

Keep Your Vehicle Clean everyone likes driving a clean car, but not everyone likes keeping his or her car clean. If you struggle with this chore then make it a goal to keep your vehicle clean this year. This is much easier if you set a cleaning schedule and stick to it. You can take your car to the carwash, or clean it at home on your own. Just make a clean car a priority. Youll be glad you did. Not only will it feel better to drive around in a clean car, but it will also help it last longer.

Lose the Distractions distracted drivers are one of the greatest hazards on the roads today. And its not just texting thats dangerous. People get distracted by all kinds of things, including the radio, eating, trying to multitask while driving, checking their GPS, taking pictures, and anything else that takes their focus from driving. So make it a goal to lose the distractions and stay focused on safe driving.

Be a More Courteous Driver why is it that perfectly normal people who are kind in any other setting can turn into raging monsters when they get behind the wheel of a vehicle? Road rage is a serious issue, but much of it could be eliminated if drivers were more courteous to one another. You can do your part by being more patient. It also helps to give yourself more time to get where youre going so you can avoid the stress of being late.

Make This Year Great for Your Vehicle

A new year is about to begin. So why not make it a great year for your car. Now is a great time to make some resolutions about taking care of your vehicle. You want your car to run well for the entire year and for many years to come. So promise yourself youre going to take care of it this year. You can start by scheduling an appointment for a tune-up. Well give your car a thorough inspection. And if it needs any repairs or replacements we can take care of that, too. Our ASE Certified technicians take care of all of your auto repair needs. Just call us at 360-558-3747 or click here to set up an appointment online.

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Written by Hosely Automotive