Top Maintenance Items To Never Ignore

Owning a vehicle goes beyond just driving it to and from your destination each day. With owning a vehicle comes a responsibility of taking care of your car and making sure that it drives dependably. Here at the most common vehicle missteps in maintenance to avoid to save you money and hassle:

Dont ignore your check engine light. If you see your vehicles check engine light turn on and stay on, it is time to have your vehicle inspected. You may not know the severity of the issue, and if it is a major problem, it can get progressively worse and more expensive if you ignore the warning and continue driving.

Always change your oil and other fluids on time. Forgetting to get an oil change can have dire consequences, including leading to irreversible engine damage and corrosion. Engine damage is extremely expensive, so staying on top of your vehicles oil changes will protect your wallet. Other key fluids need to be replaced at certain intervals, including brake fluid, transmission fluid, and power steering fluid.

Dont neglect your tires. Always check your tires for tread and overall efficiency. If your TPMS light is turned on or you notice one of your tires looks flat, dont hesitate to have your vehicle checked out as soon as possible. A blown out tire on the road can be dangerous to yourself and others, and good tires are an important safety feature.

Whatever you do while driving, be sure to always be safe and remember that your vehicle requires regular service to run at its best. At our shop, we can help with all of your vehicles service and repair needs. Give us a call today or request an online appointment for friendly help!

Written by Hosely Automotive