Top Driving Tips To Save You Money

Top Driving Tips to Save You Money

There are a lot of ways to save money when you drive. In fact, your driving habits play a huge role in how much you spend on your vehicle. No matter what time of year it is, you can save money by following some very simple steps. You use your car for a lot of reasons. And you rely on it to get you where you need to be. But if you want to save yourself some extra cash every month, then stick to these tips to get the most out of your car, truck, crossover, or SUV.

1. Time for a Tune-Up theres no better way to ruin a road trip than by getting stuck on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. Thats just one reason that getting a tune-up is a smart idea. Your mechanic will check all the key components of your vehicle, including fluids, filters, battery, brakes, and more to make sure your car is running properly. This can save you on your road trip and in your every day commuting.

2. Follow the Speed Limit one of the best ways to save money on fuel is to stick to the speed limit. For example, when you drive 75 mph you use about 20 percent more fuel than when you drive 60 mph. Using cruise control also helps improve your fuel efficiency.

3. Avoid Too Much Idling idling is one of the worst things for fuel consumption. If you drive in a lot of heavy traffic that requires you to idle, its best to turn off your engine while youre stationary. Idling for longer than 10 seconds will use up more gas fuel than it will take to stop and restart your engine.

4. Watch Gas Prices another way to save on fuel, especially if you travel long distances, is to keep a close eye on gas prices. You can do this by using one of the many gas-tracking apps, like Gas Buddy. These apps help you find the best prices in whatever location you find yourself.

5. Turn Down the Heating/Cooling your heating and cooling are both extremely valuable when you drive. But try to limit using them as much as you can. Using them will cause you to burn through fuel much faster.

6. Care for Your Tires your tires go through a lot, whether its cold or hot out. So make sure you check them for proper inflation often. Youll get better gas mileage and avoid blowouts.

7. Travel Light try to limit how much extra stuff you haul around, especially on long trips. The more your car weighs, the worse fuel economy it will get.

8. Check Your fluids make sure your oil and engine coolant levels are good and top them off theyre not. In fact, keeping a close eye on all of your fluids is very important, especially before long road trips.

9. Watch Your Windshield if you end up with a windshield chip, get it repaired before it turns into an unfixable crack. If it is already cracked, then get it replaced.

10. Park in the Shade who doesnt love the shade when its hot out? Your car feels the same way. So park it in the shade whenever possible. This could help prevent overheating.

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