Time For A Car Battery Replacement A Vancouver Auto Repair

Time for a Car Battery Replacement Vancouver Auto Repair

Do you know how old your car battery is? Most people dont give their battery much thought. As long as their vehicle starts right up every time, then why mess with a good thing, right? Car batteries are all different, which means while one can seemingly last forever, another one might go bad in just a couple of years.

The good thing is batteries come with warranties so if yours dies before the warranty has expired you should be able to get a free replacement. But there really is no one perfect answer to the question, how long will my battery last? However, there are some things to pay attention to that should give you some clues as to whether or not its time to replace your battery.

What Causes Batteries to Wear Down?

Over time, batteries wear out. Its just that simple. They do have a lifespan and eventually they have to be replaced. The way you use your vehicle and how often you drive it, do play a factor in how long your battery will last, as well.

Heat is another factor in the lifespan of a car battery. Extreme temperatures do tend to wear down car batteries faster. Thankfully, we live in a generally cooler environment, so your battery is likely to last a little longer here than in a desert location like Arizona, for example. But again, its a not a perfect science so lifespans will still vary.

Vibration is another factor that effects battery life. If your battery is not securely fastened, it can be subject to too many vibrations. This constant movement can cause your batterys internal components to break down and decrease its lifespan.

Things to Consider for Your Car Battery

There are certain signs to look for when your battery is reaching the end of its life. The most obvious sign is that your car wont start. You might give it a jump and then a few hours later it wont start up again. Or it wont even start with a jump. Thats a strong indication your battery is dying. Another sign of trouble is when the starter motor slowly cranks the engine, and it has a hard time turning over. The battery warning light might also come on, on your dash, or your headlights might be weak.

Hoesly Automotive Helps You with That New Car Battery

Has it been a while since you changed your car battery? If so, then it might be time for a new one. At the very least, you should get it tested to be sure its still holding a good charge. Theres nothing quite as frustrating as a dead battery in the moment you need your vehicle, especially if you or anyone else around doesnt have jumper cables.

Your battery could last for many years, but in most cases, they are good for at least three to five years. But you can never know for sure when a battery is going to fail on you. So, if your battery is getting long in the tooth, or youve noticed some of these issues, then now is a good time to get your battery tested and replace if its past its prime.

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