Vancouver Wa Oil Changes A Synthetic Or Conventional

Vancouver WA Oil Changes Synthetic or Conventional Unless your vehicle is an all-electric, then you need motor oil for it to proper functionally. All gas-powered engines need the right oil, at the right amount. And all gas-powered engines need regular oil changes. Oil changes are so simple, but so many people arent diligent about getting […]

Why Is My Engine Making Growling Noises

Why Is My Engine Making Growling Noises Vancouver Auto Repair Your cars engine makes a lot of noises. Some of them are completely normal and in fact, for some people a revving engine is music to their ears. A lot of drivers cant get enough of that roar. However, not all engine noises are good. […]

Whats Wrong With Your Cars Torque Converter

Whats Wrong with Your Cars Torque Converter? Is your torque converter up to par? First off, youre probably asking: whats a torque converter? A torque converter isnt exactly the most well-known part of a vehicle, but like any other part, it plays an important role in your cars operation. What Is a Torque Converter? Your […]

Does Your Car Need A New Thermostat In Vancouver Wa

Does Your Car Need a New Thermostat in Vancouver WA? So, about that thermostat? Every car has one but how often do you pay attention to the thermostat? In most cases, your thermostat will last for about 10 years or even longer. But at some point, thermostats do break down and need to be replaced. […]

The Right Fluids And Filter Keep Your Car Running

The Right Fluids and Filters Keep Your Car Running Vancouver Auto Repair Quick quiz: do you know how many different fluids your car needs to run properly? There are a lot. Every car is a little different, but all gas-powered vehicles need the standard fluids to function correctly. That includes gas, oil, brake fluid, coolant, […]

Top Notch Engine Tune Up In Vancouver Wa

Top Notch Engine Tune-Up in Vancouver, WA Hows your engine running these days? Have you noticed a decline in performance, or in your fuel economy? Does your vehicle sound weird or run sluggishly? Have you felt any vibrating or heard any squealing? All of these could be a sign that your engine needs a tune-up. […]

Top Vehicle Accessories To Carry With You This Winter

Top Vehicle Accessories to Carry with You This Winter The winter driving season is full of a lot of different driving conditions and hazards on the road. In fact, here in the Vancouver area, you could be hit with just about anything. Most people, driving back forth to their daily stops, dont have to worry […]

How To Keep A High Mileage Car Running Smoothly In Vancouver

How To Keep a High Mileage Car Running Smoothly in Vancouver Happy New Year from Hoesly Automotive! We hope you and yours had a wonderful and safe Christmas and New Years celebration. We are excited for another new year and thankful to be in business serving the good people of Clark County. We look forward […]

What Should You Do If Your Vehicle Overheats

What Should You Do if Your Vehicle Overheats Vancouver Auto Repair Have you ever seen someone on the side of the road with their hood up and steam pouring out of the engine? Or, maybe youre the one that was on the side of the road. Thats a terrible situation to be in. When your […]

Is My Mass Airflow Sensor Bad

Is My Mass Airflow Sensor Bad Vancouver Auto Repair Has your car been acting up lately? Maybe the check engine light has come on, or youve notice dark exhaust coming from your tailpipe. If your engine has been acting up at all, you might have a bad mass air flow sensor. What is that? Many […]