Top New Yearas Resolutions For Your Vehicle A Vancouver Auto Repair

Happy New Year, from Hoesly Automotive! We hope you and your family had a wonderful celebration as we kicked off 2022. We also want to say thank you for your continued trust in us and for your ongoing business. As we start this new year, we are excited to serve you and promise to continue […]

Why Is My Fuel Economy Lagging A Vancouver Auto Repair

It seems like we cant catch a break when it comes to gas prices. Prices sunk during the pandemic shutdown, but many people didnt have anywhere to drive so they couldnt take advantage of the low prices. Now that things are opened back up, prices have soared once again. With no relief in sight, drivers […]

Does Your Car Have Any Of These Brake Problems A Vancouver Auto Repair

Brakes; theyre kind of important, right? Obviously, every part of your vehicle is important, but without your brakes youd be crazy to even take your vehicle on the road. When your brakes are working properly you dont give them much thought. But if they start to screech or they feel soft when you press the […]

Reliable Mazda Auto Repair In Vancouver Wa

What comes to mind when you think of Mazda? Of course, most Mazda owners would immediately think of a fancy red vehicle speeding down the road with a zoom, zoom bumper sticker or license plate. Mazda owners buy their vehicles for their reliability and stylish looks, but mostly because they are fun to drive. Owning […]