Symptoms Of A Failing Water Pump In Your Car

One of the most crucial parts of a car is the cooling tanks and water pumps. If you suspect yours has an issue here are some telling signs to look out for;


Your car's engine will overheat if its water pump is broken or dead because it cannot distribute coolant through it. The likelihood of significant damage, such as an engine block crack and damage to the cylinders, pistons, and head gasket, increases as the engine temperature rises. If your car is running too hot or you see steam pouring out of the hood, don't go behind the wheel.


When you accelerate, does your automobile make a noise? There's a likelihood that a slack accessory belt is to blame for this irritating, high-pitched noise. Take your car in for a checkup if you notice a whining noise coming from the front of the engine to reduce the possibility of a failing water pump and a far more costly repair.

Though the water pump is functioning properly, it's crucial to have your technician examine any odd whining noises. A serpentine belt is one of several belts in your engine that, if they slide, tear, or snap, can seriously harm your engine. You may avoid becoming stuck on the side of the road by having your belts changed in accordance with your vehicle's maintenance plan.

Radiator Blowing White Smoke

White smoke coming from your radiator is a certain indication that your water pump has failed. The overheated engine that causes the moisture in the radiator might occur if the water pump isn't operating properly. It is safer to avoid danger and stop driving in this situation, let the engine cool, and then make an attempt to contact your mechanic.

Corrosion and Rust on the Water Pump

Several variations of minerals will build up around the pump because of the slow leakage occurring over time. If you were to check under your hood, there will be elements of corrosion on the pump because of the polluted coolant combinations. This might also be caused by unstable pressure caps that give access to air. You can also corrode your pump when using the wrong coolant and slow down your engine operations.

Water Pump Repair in Vancouver, WA

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Written by Hosely Automotive