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When was the last time your Subaru had an oil change? These days, cars are so smart they tell you when they want their oil changed. So chances are, you??re probably up to date. But sometimes, we get busy or we just have too many other things to worry about. So we can forget about regular oil changes, or just choose to ignore the little reminder that pops up on our dashboard. It happens to everyone from time to time.

However, oil changes, although very simple, are one of the most important services our vehicles need. And it never pays to ignore them. After all, your oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle. If it??s not clean or it??s running low, then you??re going to pay for it. In fact, you might even blow your engine. So, if you need an oil change, it just makes sense to get it done sooner, rather than later.

Hoesly Automotive - Your Home for Oil Changes in Vancouver

At Hoesly, we service all makes and models, including Subaru. We??ve been working on Subaru vehicles for decades and we understand the ins and outs of these high performance automobiles. Subarus are built to last, but they??re not immune to needing oil changes.

Not only have we been servicing Subarus for decades, but we??ve also been doing quality oil changes for more than 70 years. You can??t go wrong when you bring your car, truck, crossover, van, or SUV to Hoesly Eco Automotive for an oil change.

When Should You Change the Oil in Your Subaru?

Like we mentioned earlier, with all the technological advances in today??s vehicles, it??s much easier to stay on top of your regular oil changes. Newer Subarus will tell you when they need the oil changed. However, these notifications are not always right, so it??s important to keep an eye out for any signs that your Subaru needs an oil change. Here are some things to look for.

Your engine runs loudly or rattles ?? your vehicle??s engine consists of a lot of parts and the oil acts as a lubricant to prevent friction, which protects those parts from banging and grinding. If you notice rough engine noise, you might need an oil change.

Your oil is gritty or black ?? your oil should be a nice golden brown color. If it??s turned a dark brown or black color then this is a tell tale sign that it??s time to get it changed. Also, if the oil appears gritty or has several small particles, that??s another sign your Subaru is due for an oil change.

Your oil level is lower than normal ?? your Subaru should maintain a consistent oil level over the life an oil change. If your oil level is low, then it??s probably time to get it changed. You could also have a leak or your engine could be burning some oil. So if your oil levels are low then schedule an oil change and make sure you have your vehicle checked for leaks or other issues.

Your check in engine light is on ?? your check engine light can come on for a wide variety of reasons, including if there are any issues with your oil. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple oil change and your check engine light will turn off.

Trust Your Subaru Vehicle to Hoesly Eco Automotive

At Hoesly Automotive, we know Subarus. No matter which model you drive, we have the right tools to service your Subaru. Whether you need an oil change or any other auto service or repair, big or small, at Hoesly Automotive, our ASE certified technicians we??ll get it done right the first time. Our team of auto repair experts is here to serve you and keep your Subaru in top working condition. So give us a call or click here to set up an appointment online, for all your Subaru service and repairs in Vancouver WA.

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