Spring Cleaning For Your Car A Vancouver Auto Repair

Hey, have you noticed the weather has been warming up? Well, maybe not that much here in the Pacific Northwest, but it has bumped up a little. March is still a cold month in Vancouver, but its also the first month of spring. And that means warmer weather is on the way.

It also means it will soon be time to get outdoors and start working on spring cleaning around your Vancouver WA home. Spring cleaning can be both fun and a pain. But no matter the job you have to do, spring cleaning is important. And you know whats just as important? Spring cleaning for your car. Thats right. Your vehicle needs some extra attention this time of year. So heres what you need to do to spring your car ahead for the coming season.

Spring Car Care Tips


Start with the interior and bust out the vacuum and the duster. In order to dust your vehicle thoroughly, you might need a heavier brush, as well. Sometimes, the dust can really build up over the winter so it takes a little more scrubbing. But dont rub too hard or youll scratch the surfaces. Gently brush or dust all the interior surfaces, then vacuum the entire inside.

Your mats and carpets need a good cleaning, too. And you can scrub these surfaces harder. Loosen up all the dirt and grime from the winter and then vacuum it all up. Some stains are tougher than others, so you might also use soap and water to really shine them up. Carpet cleaning foams and sprays can also be helpful to get stains and smells out, too. Remove all the excess trash and other clutter from your vehicle. You dont need to hold onto that cheeseburger wrapper any longer. Then add your favorite air freshener and youre car should smell like new again when youre done.


Now that youve finished the inside, its time to hit the exterior. Of course, the entire vehicle could use a good washing. Car washes are ok, but hand washing your vehicle is always the safest way to go. Carefully clean every exterior surface, including your wheels and tires. You can even spray your tires to give them a healthy shine. As for soap, its best to use a detergent specifically designed for washing cars, instead of dish soap. Rinse your car thoroughly and dry it with a squeegee and/or a chamois or other special drying towel.

You should wash your windows, as well, but its also a good idea to go over them with some window cleaner and a microfiber cloth to avoid streaking. Make sure you get the entire window form the very top to the very bottom. Also take special care with the front grill area. Use a small brush to clean in the hard-to-reach places. This will allow you to get all the built up dirt and grime, as well as dead bugs. When youre done, your car will be shiny and clean, and ready to impress.

The Best Vancouver Auto Repair Shop for Spring Driving

Hey, now that spring is almost here, its time to get ready for it. The cold, harsh winter weather conditions can be hard on your vehicle. So give your car, truck, crossover, or SUV a little extra love this spring. Take care of it and it will keep taking care of you.

If your vehicle, no matter the make or model, needs a tune-up this spring, then come see us at Hoesly Eco Automotive. And if you need any auto repair service in Vancouver, we are your trusted auto repair specialists in Clark County. So give us a call, or click here to make an appointment online for your next Auto Repair service in Vancouver WA.

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